China Silicon Metal Powder factory Product Description: Silicon metal powder made of single crystal silicon wafer processing by pulling, and is widely used in the field of high technology, integrated circuit, electronic components essential raw materials. Our factory have silicon metal powder grinding workshop and R&D centers. The main grades include 2202,3303,441,421,411,553etc . Grinding sizes can be processed according to customers' specification. Specifications Of Silicon Metal Powder: Grade Chemical Composition锛?锛夛級 Si Ca Fe 鈮? 鈮? silicon metal powder 98% 98 0.3 0.6 silicon metal powder 97% 97 0.35 0.7 silicon metal powder 95% 95 0.5 0.75 silicon metal powder 90% 90 0.5 0.75 Size锛?00 mesh锛?40 mesh锛?00mesh锛?25mesh or customized according to customer demand Product Function: 1. In chemical industry,Silicon powder is used for producing silicone monomer,silicone oil, Silicone rubber preservative,Silica sol. 2. In high-tech area,Silicon powder is used for making integrated circuit and electronic components. 3. In metallurgy casting industries,Silicon powder is used as non-ferrous alloys additive, Silicon steel alloy agent. 4.In solar industry,Silicon powder also can be used for making polysilicon. Quality Control: From raw materials' selecting, smelting, crushing, finished products' testing, packing, to pre-shipment inspecting, every step, Yitong people are all implementing strict quality control. China Silicon Metal Powder factory website: