RO Water Desalination System factory Equipment Introduction RO equipment can be divided into the Single Pass RO Equipment, double pass and even multilevel pass device to produce different quality permeate water according to the times of raw water passing through the RO membrane. And single pass and double pass are the most commonly used. So single pass RO means water source to pass through RO membrane one time and the permeate is called single pass RO water. A complete Single Pass RO Equipment includes pretreatment & RO unit. Pretreatment: Reverse osmosis systems have two types of prefilters that filter out larger particles like sediment and chlorine. The water first flows through a sediment prefilter that removes particles like dust, dirt and rust. Then it moves on to flow through an activated carbon prefilter that binds to and removes substances like chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Reverse osmosis: After pretreatment comes the main event of reverse osmosis. At this stage, the pump sends the water through the semipermeable membrane that traps smaller, harder-to-remove dissolved solid particles. This step of reverse osmosis can often remove the vast majority of the dissolved solids in the water. And a generally used single pass system is showed as follows: Application Field of聽Single Pass RO Equipment Manufacturing IndustryAutomobile, Glasses, Steel Material, Textile, Papermaking etc. Electrical Power IndustryBoiler, Thermal power, Generation, System cooling, Water recycling etc. Electroplating IndustryFilm Coating, Lighting, Cooling, metal plating etc. Opto-electronics IndustryPhotovoltaic, Opto-electronics, New energy, LED lights etc. Electronics IndustryElectrical appliance, chip, circuit board, single chip etc. Energy IndustrySemi-conductor, Silicon material, Polysilicon, Metal extraction etc. Chemical industryPetrochemical, Reaction cooling, Solution prepare, Material producing and processing etc. Fine Chemicals IndustryWet wipes, Face mask, Skincare, Shampoo, Hair dye, Tooth paste, Hand sanitizer, Detergent, cosmetics etc. Pharmaceuticals IndustryMedical device producing, bioengineering, bio-medicine, oral liquid pharmacy, medical material extraction etc. Main Components Successful CasesRO Water Desalination System factory website: