This guide discusses the very best healers for ToC/ICC raids in Phase 3 of Wrath from the Lich King Classic, analyzing the pros and cons of every.

WotLK Classic Phase 3 Healer Ranking (Best Healer for ToC Raids)

It's remember that Phase 3 isn't solely centered on DPS, as using a strong healing team is vital for keeping your raid alive and obtaining maximum loot in the trigger chess. During heroic raids, it's recommended to create between 3 and 4 healers for speed runs, while normal runs might have up to 5 healers. Dual Spec is particularly valuable in Ulduar, where having the ability to swap between Restoration Shaman, Resto Druids, Boomkins, and Elemental Shaman is vital. Additionally, since Blizzard wants to keep all healing classes viable, it's better to be in a position to run with just two or three healers to speed with the raid. So without further ado, let's dive into the WotLK Phase 3 Healer Tier List and see the most powerful healing specialization for ToC and ICC!

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1 - Disc Priest (S Tier)

Disc Priests are thought S Tier healers and therefore are scaling incredibly well in Phase 3. Borrowed Time supplies a 40% flat increase to shields from spell power, which makes them incredibly powerful and somewhat obnoxious for other healers because they blanket the whole raid with shields. While just one Holy Paladin can probably function inside a raid, if there is not at least one Disc Priest, the raids will be a complete disaster. However, one problem with Disc Priests in Phase 3 has too much haste. While faster Prayer of Healing procs are helpful, they do not help Power Shield. Additionally, their set bonuses aren't particularly useful. Disc Priests would benefit more in the 20% increase for each organic buff, and also the 4-set bonus of the 10-buff to Divine Aegis isn't that compelling.

2 - Holy Paladins (S Tier)

Holy Paladins are classified as S Tier healers and therefore are a must-have for each raid because of their incredible buffs, like the Blessing of Kings, Divine Sacrifice, and excellent healing capabilities. However, some things make sure they are slightly less powerful in Phase 3. For instance, their set bonuses are underwhelming. The two-set bonus, which boosts the duration of judgments by ten seconds, provides merely a small HPS increase. Moreover, Holy Paladins arguably help the least from Solace, which is the very best trinket within the phase. As a result, you might be stuck with the Meteorite Crystal rather than Solace. While it might seem silly, should you already have Val'anyr, you won't have the ability to upgrade your weapon in Phase 3, unlike other healers who'll receive better weapons? Nevertheless, we notice that Holy Paladins are powerful in Phase 3!

3 - Resto Shaman (A Tier)

Resto Shaman falls under the Tier category because of their impressive scaling potential. In the TBC endgame, they'd so much spell power and regeneration that they are absolute monsters. This scaling potential is beginning to come into play again in Phase 3. Resto Shamans will also be emerging as the very best solo healers within the game, which is valuable since lots of good loot originates from 10-man raids. Resto Shamans are better still without trash mobs. Additionally, Resto Shamans can bloodlust in every fight in ToC, which is a big benefit. Another benefit of Resto Shaman in Phase 3 is they have two extra totem options. The Totem of Calming Tides is particularly useful since each time you cast a series to heal, there is a chance to get 234 spell power, like the Druid's Idol of Flaring Growth. Finally, Resto Shaman is a superb dual-spec choice, as having the ability to switch between big heal and big damage at any time is a huge asset.

4 - Resto Druid (A Tier)

Resto Druids are classified as Tier healers. While they might not be a typical option for a ToC roster, Resto Druids continue to be a solid option, especially should you're running with 4 healers. However, if speed runs, you might prefer to create two Holy Paladins or perhaps a Holy Priest instead. One issue with Phase 3 Resto Druids is the fact that it's easy to hit the haste cap, which makes it difficult to optimize their gear. Additionally, their two-set bonus from 9.5 isn't very useful since it boosts the Critical Strike possibility of Nourish, a spell that's not used frequently. On the other hand, their four-set bonus unlocks the power for Rejuvenation to crit, but it is challenging to get critical strikes in Phase 3. One benefit of Resto Druids is the fact that the Idol of Flaring Growth is a superb item on their behalf, providing a virtually permanent +234 power bonus. Furthermore, Resto Druids are particularly strong when combined with Solace from the Fallen.

5 - Holy Priest (B Tier)

The Holy Priest falls under the B Tier category. While they might not be considered top-tier for speed runs, we believe in the scaling potential of Holy Priests. Holy Priests scale exceptionally well with haste and spell power, as well as their Force at 9.5 is great. The two-set bonus, which increases healing made by the Prayer of Mending spell by 20%, is especially valuable for Holy Priests since a lot of their healing originates from this ability. Additionally, the four-set bonus offers an extra 10% instant healing in the empowered renewal, which makes it a great option.