MMORPGs are designed to create a living world that undergoes significant changes from time to time. If players enjoy these changes, they can happen again, which is why virtual worlds are so beloved. This also explains the popularity of World of Warcraft: Classic, which is basking in nostalgia with the re-release of its most popular expansion, Wrath of the Lich King.

The original game was known for its grind, not just for leveling up, but for gaining reputation, and the Sons of Hodir is one of the most challenging factions to achieve this on the entire continent of Northrend. The rewards WOW Gold for reaching Exalted with this elusive faction are some of the most coveted in the entire World of Warcraft, including a mount, best-in-slot enchants, and other rare goodies.

Who Are the Sons of Hodir?

The Sons of Hodir are similar to Storm Giants, whom you may have encountered in Zul'Drak while completing the quest chain involving Gymer the Giant. To find the Sons of Hodir, you'll need to head way up north, where the road is a glacier and the mountains cast frozen shadows over the hidden valley of K9.

Where Can You Find Them?

Look for an icy fortress on the side of a mountain in the eastern part of the zone. This is their home, Dun Niffelem, where you'll also find Quartermaster Lillehoff and their king, who has a few quests that need completing. Once you've completed the initial quest lines, most of the daily quests will appear here.

Why Is It Important?

The rewards include enchantments for your shoulder slot item. These are the best-in-slot options for several classes and are therefore mandatory for those who want to run heroics or prepare characters for raiding. There are also mammoth mounts and recipes for Tailors, Jewelcrafters, and Leatherworkers.

Going from Hated to Exalted

Most reputation grinds start at Neutral, which means you have less to do, but the Sons of Hodir are an exception. They will despise you when you start, much like the Bloodsail Buccaneers grind back in Old Azeroth or the Reins of the Netherdrake grind in Outland. If you've completed either of those, this should be a breeze.

The Sons of Hodir grind is long, but it's easy to follow the linear quest chain through the snowy peaks of this zone while enjoying the scenery and storyline. The action starts in the neutral goblin town of K9, the only settlement in Storm Peaks that's accessible by ground mount in the zone.

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