The "World of Warcraft" classic is rapidly deviating from its original promise that the MMO games that existed in 2007 "take it or leave." Since its release, Blizzard has made many changes that have never been seen in the original game. What happens in the game may be in the controllable range, but Blizzard is trying its best to maintain balance.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic tests its most controversial changes, allowing players on North American servers to line up to participate in battlefield PvP matches with their own faction. What remains unchanged is that after 17 years of evolution, the never-ending war between the Alliance and the Horde is still the defining feature of World of Warcraft. This is also the reason why many players are disappointed. Since the launch of MMO, players have actually been divided into two groups, and they never interact except for fighting with each other.

If each race of different races does not have unique abilities that can give players an advantage in PvP and PvE battles, then this will not be a problem. Take the will of the undead skill forgotten as an example, this is why it has always been the most popular PvP race. It can make the player instantly immune to charm, sleep and fear effects for 5 seconds. In PvP combat, this ability provides tribal players with a significant advantage.

The PvP flavor of "Burning Crusade" is quite different. One of the biggest features of this expansion pack is the PvP arena, where teams of two or three players fight in small-scale quarrels. Small differences in skills and abilities may make huge differences. Suddenly, PvP in World of Warcraft changed from a large-scale outdoor war to a fierce, intimate duel. Naturally, competitive players will want every advantage they can get, mainly due to racial abilities, and the tribe has become the de facto choice for PvP in World of Warcraft.

It is not surprising that history will repeat itself. Just before the release of the "Burning Crusade Classic" in June, IronForge.Pro estimated that the balance between tribes and alliance players on classic PvP servers was almost the same, with only 53% of players like tribes. According to IronForge.Pro estimates, with the launch of Burning Crusade Classic, the number of tribes has soared to an average of 61% of all players in North American PvP servers. However, looking at a single server, this ratio can become very scary. Although a few do have most alliance players, most PvP servers are biased towards tribes, and some of them, such as Kirtonos and Skeram, are said to be 100% tribes. You would think that winning the faction war will be the ultimate victory, but in fact it is a nightmare for both parties. 

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