The Death Rite Bird excels in the aspects of cosmic horror that Elden Ring often borrows in the terrifying designs of Bloodborne.

The designs of bosses from Elden Ring often draw on the history of FromSoftware's expansive catalog, using the Death Rite Bird and it is variants being the strongest illustration of something that might be leftover from Bloodborne. Considering just how much eldritch, cosmic horror appears in Elden Ring's world and lore, that's a high title to give away to some creepy bird that stalks The Lands Between during the night.

Standing alongside terrestrial bosses like Astel, Fallingstar Beast, as well as the Elden Beast, Death Rite Birds have been in the plentiful company throughout Elden Ring. That being said, it is the terror and horror the Death Rite Birds embody that elevates these bosses one of the other eldritch enemies that linger in craters and underground.

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Elden Ring Warps the Familiar for Tragic Terror

It could be easy to showcase the fantasy and strangeness of Elden Ring based on how it separates in the real world, like the majority of FromSoftware game worlds for instance. However, the way the developer draws in the familiar within the design from the Death Rite Bird is the reason why this specific boss so desperately to stomach around the first encounter. The wings and beak might initially result in the creature seeming like any other bird, however, the awkward form of its head provides it with an almost humanoid and infantile look when compared to the standard monsters within the same way that Bloodborne often twists innocent designs.

This baby face particularly is the most disturbing part of the style of the Death Rite Bird, taking information on innocence and twisting them into something more horrifying because of the implied tragedy. Combine that hint of familiarity using the twisted body and black death flames, and which boss begins to represent terror through both lores cheap it can easily wipe the floor using the player. Even when players can survive a fight with Elden Ring's Death Rite Birds, the result it has when first appearing would be to add terror towards the night as horrific nightmares threaten to look at any time and lead to some quick death.

Death Rite Birds Stalk Night and Day Alike

The first couple of times that players encounter Death Rite Birds, as well as their weaker Death Bird variants, will in all probability be because these bosses spawn throughout the night of Elden Ring's daily cycle. This could happen as soon as Elden Ring's Liurnia from the Lakes, as well as to some hidden corner from the Altus Plateau. However, not every one of these bosses appears only if the moon has gone out and the cover from the night leads the ball player to expect to determine some dark horror enter the world.

In some of the later places where Death Rite Birds could be challenged, they can often break the rule of arriving during the night and descend upon the player within the bold light of day. The most notable illustration of this happening comes in the Death Rite Bird in Mountaintop from the Giants, which appears before heading to Castle Sol and challenging Elden Ring's Commander Niall. Not only can this appear like a surprise for players who might not have fully explored some of the more hidden or dangerous corners where other variants of the boss are located, but, it almost acts just like a pre-boss for Castle Sol.

Having these enemies begin a trend, after which subsequently break this trend goes quite a distance which makes them appear much more threatening with every latest version. Unlike enemies for example Elden Ring's Burial Watchdogs who come off as too frequent without escalation beyond bloating their attack and health, the Death Rite Birds can shift the ball player's perspectives in it throughout the game. It's a horrific Bloodborne-esque nightmare that eventually breaks through its original confines to be able to oppress the ball player's sleeping and waking worlds.

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