With the occurrence and development of flexible circuit and rigid printed circuit boards, the rigid flex PCB came into being. Via lamination and other procedures, and by reference to relevant process requirements, the rigid flex PCB is formed by combing flexible circuits with rigid printed circuit boards. The rigid flex pcb has the features of both the rigid printed circuit boards and flexible pcb. Therefore, it can be applied to the fields where both the rigid printed circuit boards and flexible pcb can be applied. Below picture shows one of our distinctive rigid flex PCB.

7 Layers Rigid Flex PCB - Vias are Filled With Soldermask

This is a 7-layer rigid flex PCB, and the rigid part is made out from TG130, the most distinctive feature of the rigid flex PCB is that the vias are filled with soldermask, and we also made 5mm rails in the panel as well as 4 positioning holes and 4 fiducial marks. And this board also has impedance control. If you would like to know more about this rigid flex PCB, please refer to the following parameters:

Total board thickness: 1.4mm+/-10%

Copper thickness: 1/2OZ(inner layer)

                            1OZ(outer layer)

Surface treatment: ENIG(1u")

Soldermask: Green

Silkscreen: White

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