Women's Platform Boots This is a fashionable vegan leather platform boots. The upper and inner sides are made of excellent leather. The leather fabric is soft, the surface is not easy to wrinkle, and at the same time, it can achieve breathable and comfortable effect. The uppers not only have shoelaces to adjust the looseness of vegan leather platform boots, but also can make the feet stretch more effectively and fit the uppers more effectively in a relaxed environment. We also add zippers on the side of the boot barrel, so that we don't have to worry about the difficulty of putting on and taking off the thick legs, and we can also modify the leg shape, which is suitable for all kinds of bodies. At the same time, the design of shoe height is also suitable for various styles of clothing. TPR outsole is made of transparent material, which is more slip-proof. TPR rubber has good resilience and excellent shock absorption, and TPR material is soft and comfortable. The pattern design on our rubber sole is unique and has good anti-slip and wear resistance. The design of this shoe is deeply loved by the public. If you like it too, you can contact us to order this fashionable and practical shoe.Women's Platform Boots website:http://www.hz-edinburghshoes.com/women-s-boots/women-s-platform-boots/