Bulk Ferrochrome The carbon content in ferrochrome depends on the reaction temperature. It is easier to produce carbides with high carbon content than those with low carbon content. 3, smelting high carbon ferrochrome raw materials smelting high carbon ferrochrome raw materials are chromium ore, coke and silica. Chromium ore Cr2o3鈮?40%, Cr2o3/Feo鈮?.5, S< 0.05%, P< 0.07%, Mgo and Al2o3 content should not be too high, particle size of 10 ~ 70mm, such as refractory ore, particle size should be appropriately small. Coke requires fixed carbon not less than 84%, ash less than 15%, S< 0.6%, particle size 3 ~ 20mm. Silica requires Sio2鈮?97%, Al2o3鈮?1.0%, good thermal stability, no soil, particle size 20-80mm. Ferro chrome(FeCr) is an iron alloy composed of chromium and iron. It is an important alloy additive for steelmaking.According to different carbon content, ferro chrome can be divided into high-carbon ferrochrome , low-carbonferrochrome , Micro-carbon ferrochrome. The lower the carbon content of ferrochrome, the more difficult it is to smelt, the higher the power consumption, and the higherthe cost. Ferrochrome with a carbon content of less than 2% is suitable for smelting stainless steel, acid-resistant steel andother low-carbon chromium steels. Ferrochrome with a carbon content of more than 4% is commonly used to make ball bearing銆?br/> Specification GradeChemical Composition% CrCSiPS Micro CarbonFeCr-158-680.03-0.151.0-2.00.03-0.060.025-0.03 FeCr-263-680.03-0.151.0-2.00.03-0.060.025-0.03 Low carbonFeCr-358-680.25-0.51.5-3.00.03-0.060.025-0.03 FeCr-463-680.25-0.51.5-3.00.03-0.060.025-0.03 Medium carbonFeCr-558-681.0-4.01.5-3.00.03-0.060.025-0.03 FeCr-663-681.0-4.01.5-3.00.03-0.060.025-0.03 High carbonFeCr-758-684.0-10.03.0-5.00.03-0.060.03-0.06 FeCr-863-684.0-10.03.0-5.00.03-0.060.03-0.06 Packing :1 ton/bag or according to customer requirements.Bulk Ferrochrome website:http://www.shenglongtrading.com/ferrochrome/