Welcome to the phase 3 important tips. We will review these tips that you ought to focus on now while we're farming Ulduar so you don't get caught unprepared for phase 3 and Trial from the Grand Crusader (ToGC).

Tank Block Sets

Now the ultimate boss of ToGC - Anub'arak, is an exciting blast of the fight having a big Battlefield change and multiple phases. One important mechanic within this fight may be the addition of Nerubian Burrowers. These ads will start to stack up with time unless they're killed. Now, they are not too dangerous individually, however, when they start stacking up within the aura, they improve their damage like a group enough that they become dangerous.

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Now this is all fine, except they apply a debuff called Expose Weakness. This stackable debuff pertains to their current target and increases physical damage taken by 25%, stacking as much as 10 times, the entire is 250%, increased physical damage, therefore the normal strategy is always to three tanks this fight.

With two tanks around the ads, tanking them from one another and having the raid, burning the ads down without allowing them to stack excessively. But there is a different way to enter the block set. Paladins and Warriors can gear towards 100% mitigation about 4,000 block value buffed along with a single target - Nerubian Burrowers.

The reason they can do this is that the borrower's damage is first checked against all of the tanks' mitts, so each hit is going to be lowered through the block until then is calculated using the increased percent damage from Exposed Weakness, however, if the amount you're getting hit is low - under 1,000, the large block you simply got 250% isn't too dangerous. But if it's unblocked, you're getting hit by 5250% is much more threatening, so block sets begin working on them.

These are simply the start of what we're thinking. There are probably more optimal setups, but this is a great start.

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Save Your Emblems

A large number of people have been buying lots of Titanium because once ToGC releases, Titanium will be able to prospect into epic gems, but epic gems can also be found in Emblems of Heroism. Emblems that you ought to be virtually drowning in after we reach phase 3, so just keep them. Don't spend them haphazardly on Blue Gems or Rune Dwarves to market them for all those big epic gems afterward.

Do Your Dailies Now

Here it is important. Blizzard has told you that they'll be changing how Lockouts operate in ToGC about separate raid tiers for Heroic and Normal.

Back within the day, you can run 10 and 25-man of those instances around both normal and heroic difficulty for any total of 4 raid lockouts each week. Still, Blizzard smartly will change the system in Wrath the Lich King Classic so you only have a choice of running either normal or heroic. This is great, for me, however, it does have some unintended consequences that need to be thought about in the main tier.

In ToGC, you will find three tier sets at different eye levels, 232, 245, and 258. Now using the likely elimination of your weekly normal 10 and 25-man, because most of us are going to be opting for the heroic versions, you're removing a large portion from the tier, and Emblem of Triumph income that you would get a tear is a bit of the mess in ToGC.

Let me attempt to explain it quickly.

The 232 gear is purchasable with Emblems of Triumph that drop from ToGC and Associated activities for various amounts.

The 245 gear is purchasable with those self-same emblems at 1. five times the cost, along with an additional Trophy from the Crusade, which dropped in the 25-man heroic raid bosses along with the tribute chest at the end from the 10-man heroic, as long as you've limited your wipes low.

The 258 gear tokens drop from that same chest on heroic, however, you only get four per clear, making the 258 tier tough to obtain.

They are removing one from the 25-man and 10-man out of your weekly rotation and can have to give you some methods to get here; otherwise, this is where your ToGC reps will come in. They could put Trophies from the Crusade, and also you need to purchase your 245 tier, punishable with champion seals, a currency earned from doing dailies in ToGC.

Again it is simply a possibility. There are a large number of ways they could do that, but exactly how to do it together with your time? Finding some friends performing these will speed them up. It takes about fifteen minutes, and when you get Champion status with all of the factions, you will obtain a bonus tabard that teleports you to the tournament grounds, which will help speed things up a little more.

Work On Best in Slot (Bis)

Get the very best items that are going to be used through phase 3. Finally, you will find a large number of items within the old version that lots of classes use or their best throughout phase 3 and ultimately uses during progression through ICC too, and eventually around the Lich King. These are Big Ticket stuff that you'll be wearing for a long time, so concentrate on getting them to obtain maximum impact in it, and also you'll not have to worry a lot in phase 3 about returning to doing older.

Let's review a few for physical DPS items, like Comet's Trail, Armbands of Bedlam, Frigid Strength of Hodir, Seal from the Betrayed King, and Sabatons of Lifeless Night for DKS, Belt of Colossal Rage are either biss or within single digits of the phase 3 cousins, look out for them now.

For casters, you're destined to be looking for Flare from the Heavens, Conductive Seal, and 10-man Petrified Ivy Sprig. These are huge now and can continue to be best into phase 3, so begin using them as soon as you can.

For Healers, Val'anyr may be the big one, but you will find other such things as Meteorite Crystal Illustration from the Dragon Soul from phase 1, Bindings from the Winter Gale, Barrows gloves, and Algalon Quest Rings. All this merchandise is in phase 3 for any lot from the healers and likely what you will be wearing whenever you kill Lich King the very first time if you use DKP, rootless, or even Loot Council. Let them know what you are interested in, and push for all those important items.