Buy discount 48 volt lithium solar battery Company Profile CURENTA BATTERY, INC. (USA) is a technology leader specializing in the R&D of lithium battery field, with more than 10+ years of combined experience in battery technology, CURENTA technology is proud to offer you professional battery system solutions for EV, ESS, lead acid battery replacement, solar backup battery system, (Golf cart Battery) CURENTA power-wall and Golf cart battery, Forklift and for many other different applications. CURENTA focuses on providing local and international customers with high quality products and services to meet customers customized requirements. We stand behind our commitment to quality and reliability with a best in class 10 year warranty, Certified with quality system ISO9001, Environmental management system ISO14001, and occupation Health and Management system ISO45001, complied with up to date certifications UL. Working Environment CURENTA providing challenging working environment during office-hour. A example of encourage employees to take on different responsibilities outside their daily tasks and push employees to create challenging stretch goals.Build up teamwork to solve difficulties problem as well as showing professional on-field site. Competitive Advantage We believe that quality makes the difference. And that quality is measured by lifespan- how long a battery lasts.CURENTA focus on building batteries that last a long, long time. That is our main advantages with competitor. As well as providing lasting value for our customers, and reducing e-waste and the impact on our planet.聽 R&D Capability CURENTA has excellent ability to Manufacturing Lifepo4 Battery and strong R&D centers for developing leading technologies and applying them to the product design, so as to providing high quality and excellent performance LiFePO4 battery solution. Engineers in R&D team has 7+ years Dakota and Tesla working experience in the new energy industry, who possess independent R&D capabilities and high intellectual property rights of hardware and software, with more than 30 inventions and application patents. Company Mission CURENTA mission is to create a circular economy for Lithium-ion batteries that has a positive effect on the North America. We aim to add value by treating used Lithium-ion batteries not as waste, but as a valuable material for re-creation. We have taken new step forward for new energy field corporation to fulfill public demand in the energy sector as well as offer the highest quality to customers is my prime directive.Buy discount 48 volt lithium solar battery website: