The beer fermenter features multiple accessories in a stainless steel rack that are easy to move and maintain. Fresh milk should be thermologically sterilized after being fed into milk bars. Once sterilized, it can be sold. Customers can drink it immediately. You can also use beer fermenter, which you can take home to drink, store in the refrigerator, or make yogurt, ice cream, milkshakes, and other milk that doesn't run out that day. The progress of science and technology promoted the development of industrial production in the direction of mechanization, and the remarkable improvement of production efficiency promoted the circulation of beer fermenter and the progress of the whole society.

beer fermenter yogurt inhibits the growth of intestinal spoilage bacteria. It also contains active substances that inhibit cholesterol reductase synthesis in the body. It can also stimulate the body's immune system. beer fermenter yogurt regulates the body's positive factors and effectively fights cancer.

beer fermenter is a fermenter commonly used in mass production at present. Its capacity ranges from a few liters to hundreds of tons. Including storage tank, mixing system, heat transfer system and ventilation system.

The main characteristics are shown in the following aspects:

1. Tank body.

2. Mixing system includes: drive motor, mixing shaft, turbine agitator, mixing blade, baffle, shaft seal (end shaft seal).

3. The heat transfer system includes interlayer heat transfer and snake tube heat transfer (usually divided into 4 groups, 6 groups, 8 groups).

4. The ventilation system includes single-hole pipe and porous ring pipe.

beer fermenter