Are you looking for a new residential complex to call home but feeling overwhelmed with the location options? Look no further than the Awami Residential Complex location map! This stunning complex offers top-notch amenities and beautifully designed living spaces. But before you make your move, it's important to know your way around. That's why we've created a comprehensive location map that will guide you through every corner of this luxurious oasis. Let's dive in and explore all that the Awami Residential Complex has to offer!

The Awami Residential Complex

The Awami Residential Complex is a stunning housing society located in the heart of Karachi, Pakistan. The complex offers a unique living experience for individuals and families looking for an upscale lifestyle with all the modern amenities one could ask for.

The complex features beautifully designed architecture with well-manicured green spaces, parks, and playgrounds that provide residents with ample opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. Additionally, there are numerous cafes and restaurants within close proximity to cater to diverse culinary preferences.

The Awami Residential Complex offers a range of residential options including apartments, houses, and villas that can accommodate varying family sizes. Each unit is equipped with top-of-the-line facilities such as 24/7 security surveillance systems, uninterrupted power supply through generators or UPS backup systems; furthermore each unit has access to high-speed internet connectivity.

The location of this society cannot be beat - it's situated near major commercial centers providing residents easy access to shopping malls such as LuckyOne mall & Dolmen Mall Hyderi etc., hospitals like Aga Khan Hospital & Abbasi Shaheed Hospital nearby while educational institutions include Dawood University of Engineering & Technology also lie in close proximity making it convenient for families seeking quality education options.

If you're someone who values luxury living without compromising on comfort or convenience then The Awami Residential Complex should definitely feature at the top of your list!

Location Map of the Awami Residential Complex

The Awami Residential Complex is a massive housing project located in the heart of Dhaka, Bangladesh. To ensure that residents and visitors can easily navigate this sprawling complex, a detailed location map has been created to provide an overview of the entire area.

The location map highlights important landmarks within the complex such as playgrounds, community centers, mosques, and schools. By using this map, residents can quickly locate these facilities without getting lost or confused.

In addition to highlighting amenities within the compound itself, the location map also provides information about nearby places of interest such as hospitals and shopping centers. This makes it easier for residents to plan their daily activities and errands by identifying locations outside of the Awami Residential Complex that they may need to visit.

Having access to a comprehensive location map is essential for anyone living or visiting the Awami Residential Complex. It ensures that everyone knows where key facilities are located both within and outside of the complex while also providing peace of mind knowing you won't get lost in this vast residential area.


The Awami Residential Complex is a well-planned and beautifully designed housing project. It offers a perfect blend of modern amenities and natural beauty to its residents. The location map of the complex plays a crucial role in helping residents navigate their way around this sprawling community.

Whether you are looking for apartments or houses, the Awami Residential Complex has something to offer everyone. By using the location map provided here, you can easily find your way around and explore all that this amazing residential complex has to offer.

So if you are looking for a place that provides both comfort and luxury with easy navigation around it, then look no further than the Awami Residential Complex!