Are you looking for a smart real estate investment opportunity in Pakistan's vibrant capital city? Look no further than New City Islamabad! This modern and innovative development offers investors the chance to own property in a prime location with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. In this blog post, we'll explore why investing in New City Paradise  Islamabad is an excellent choice, including its advantages, master plan, and more. So buckle up and get ready to discover the many benefits of investing in this exciting new development!

Introducing New City Islamabad

New City Islamabad is a modern and innovative development situated in the heart of Pakistan's capital city. It offers investors an excellent opportunity to own property in a prime location with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.

The new city is developed by the renowned developers, who have successfully delivered many projects across Pakistan. They bring their vast experience to this project, ensuring that it meets world-class standards.

New City Islamabad is designed as a sustainable community that emphasizes green spaces and eco-friendly living. The development includes everything from residential buildings to commercial areas, schools, parks, hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants and much more.

One unique feature of New City Islamabad is its beautiful views. The development boasts breathtaking scenery surrounding the area which makes for an idyllic setting for residents while providing opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking or cycling.

New City Islamabad represents an exciting new chapter in urban planning for Pakistan's capital city. With its world-class facilities and sustainable design principles coupled with lush vegetation throughout the community makes it one of the best investments you can make today!

The Advantages of Investing in New City Islamabad

Investing in real estate is always a smart move, especially when it comes to investing in New City Islamabad. There are numerous advantages of investing in this upcoming housing society located near the CPEC route.

Firstly, New City Islamabad offers an ideal location with easy access to all major areas of the city through a well-connected road network. Moreover, it is situated right next to the Islamabad International Airport and provides direct access to Motorway M-2.

Secondly, investors can take advantage of the affordable prices offered by New City Islamabad at present before prices increase as development progresses further. With its modern infrastructure and top-notch amenities, this housing project has great potential for appreciation in value over time.

Thirdly, there are flexible payment plans available that make investment more accessible and convenient for buyers. Investors have various options to choose from depending on their budget needs.

This gated community promises luxury living within a secure environment with uninterrupted power supply and other essential amenities such as schools, hospitals and shopping centers within close proximity.

Investing in New City Islamabad could be one of your best decisions yet!

The Master Plan of New City Islamabad

The master plan of New City Islamabad is impressive and well thought out. It includes a variety of residential, commercial, and recreational areas that cater to the needs of its residents. The city covers an area of approximately 15,000 acres with more than 25 sectors.

The residential areas are divided into different blocks that comprise plots in various sizes ranging from 5 marlas to 1 kanal. Additionally, there are also apartments available for those who prefer them over traditional houses.

Commercial areas are strategically located throughout the city as well. They offer a range of opportunities for businesses including retail shops, restaurants as well as offices.

New City Islamabad's master plan also includes several parks and playgrounds which provide ample space for outdoor activities such as jogging or playing sports. There is even a golf course planned within the project.

Furthermore, transportation has been taken care off by designing broad roads and highways that ensure smooth traffic flow throughout the city.

The master plan of New City Islamabad offers an ideal combination of living spaces along with commercial areas while providing adequate recreational facilities all around it.

New City Islamabad – A Smart Choice for Your Next Real Estate Investment

New City Islamabad is undoubtedly a smart choice for those looking to invest in real estate. This project offers several advantages that make it stand out from other developments in the region.

Firstly, New City Islamabad boasts an ideal location. It is situated near the CPEC route and only a few minutes away from both Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This prime location ensures easy access to all major areas of the twin cities, making it a highly convenient place to live.

Additionally, New City Islamabad has been developed with modern amenities in mind. The master plan includes parks, sports facilities, hospitals, schools, mosques and shopping centres - everything needed for comfortable living.

Moreover, New City Islamabad offers a range of residential options including plots as well as constructed homes ranging from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal plots. Investors can choose according to their requirements and budget.

Investing in New City Islamabad promises high returns on investment due to its strategic location and planned infrastructure development.

If you're looking for a secure investment opportunity with long-term benefits then investing in New City Islamabad should definitely be on your radar.


Investing in real estate is a big decision, and choosing the right location can make all the difference. New City Islamabad offers a unique blend of modern amenities, natural beauty, and strategic location that makes it an ideal choice for investors looking for long-term benefits.

With its state-of-the-art infrastructure, wide roads, green spaces, shopping centers, hospitals, schools and colleges – New City Islamabad promises to offer an urban lifestyle as well as a serene environment away from the hustle-bustle of city life.

Considering all these factors along with the rising demand for housing in Islamabad over recent years – investing in New City Paradise Islamabad seems like a smart choice to make. The housing scheme ensures high returns on investment providing you with security and peace of mind.

So if you're looking for your next real estate investment opportunity - give serious consideration to New City Paradise Islamabad!