By using the Linksys velop setup app you can easily do the configuration process on iOs devices. Read the lower article to know the full knowledge. 

Initially, open the Apple Store on your iOS device. The downloading size of the application is 107MB and it requires the iOS 14 version for both iPhone and iPad. Once open the app, read the description to make the Linksys account. After turning on the node, wait for a few minutes to see the solid blue LED light. Now, hit on configuring a new WiFi network. Now, go to the left and pick the whole home mesh WiFi network. After that, it is important to turn on the Bluetooth. Tapping, and plugging in confirms the connection. In the end, continue to follow the lateral institutions. 

We expect, after reading this page you will be able to do the Linksys velop setup process by an app method. Stand always near this page for lateral information.