We have returned with another WOW Dragonflight 10.1 DPS tier list for PvP and PvE. But this time around we are ranking all of the DPS specs depending on how fun they're and it's not in line with the power from the spec whatsoever. It is Dragonflight tier last season in the end!

WoW Dragonflight 10.1 DPS Tier List - Most Fun DPS Specs Ranked In Dragonflight Season 2

"Fun DPS" refers back to the role of the damage dealer that's enjoyable and entertaining to experience. The specs at the end of our WOW Dragonflight 10.1 DPS tier list are likely to send you to rest. The specs on top seem like you’re on top of the world. There are still a couple of weeks left until season a couple of Dragonflight, so there's room for improvement when it comes to fun for that specs. At this current moment, this is when we would rank these specs for the time being. A fun DPS class offers an easy range of abilities and playstyles, letting you experiment with different strategies and methods to combat.

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Dragonflight 10.1 Most Fun DPS Ranking

S - Enhancement Shaman, Demonology Warlock

A - Fury Warrior, Feral Druid, Windwalker Monk, Retribution Paladin, Unholy Death Knight, Shadow Priest

B - Elemental Shaman, Outlaw Rogue, Arms Warrior, Fire Mage, Survival Hunter, Frost Death Knight, Subtlety Shaman, Affliction Warlock, Arcane Mage, Frost Mage, Balance Druid, Beast Mastery Monk

C - Devastation Evoker, Marksmanship Hunter, Havoc Demon Hunter, Assassination Rogue

Dragonflight Most Fun DPS Tier List In Depth

Fury Warrior (A Tier)

Before the nerfs they received in which you were able to generate max stacks in your bloodthirst in the tier set. Every time you rampage it is designed for a really fun and engaging gameplay loop. However, they've nerfed that recently and today it's every two or maybe even three rampages that you employ that will max stack your bloodthirst. So it's not that cyclical playstyle of bloodthirst and rampage which felt excellent. It felt very fun but still feels fun to determine Bloodthirst doing a bit of damage. You have unlimited levels of cooldowns that you simply also can obtain a lot of cooldown reduction by using your anger management talent. So having the ability to blast in every pack in Mythic Plus feels great, especially using the cleave damage as well as prior damage from the Fury Warrior. For this, we're going to chuck it straight within the A tier within this Dragonflight season 2 DPS tier list.

Feral Druid (A Tier)

If you can pick any class within the game, Feral is the greatest Dragonflight season 2 DPS. It’s available online with probably the most complete specs within the game. You have an incredible AOE rotation which you'll also funnel right into a huge single target too through the Apex procs that you simply getting. So the more targets having a rip in it, the greater it feels. You have great cleaving too with spreading your rakes even quicker together with your double-clawed rake talent. The only problem with this particular spec may be the fact that you are simply stuck in cat makeup the whole time. We are likely to place the Feral Druid behind Fury because Fury comes with a bit more engaging tier set.

Retribution Paladin (A Tier)

A large amount of hype around the spec recently with obviously the rework they've just had. You will be loving every second of it, you need to do however possess a pretty boring tier set. The two sets are damaging and you've got Hammer of Wrath hitting nearby enemies. The four sets might make your wings feel increased, simply because of those hammers of raps cleaving. It is already a fun button to press. Having that certain-minute damage profile as Ret feels insane which is just likely to beef up that even more, allow it to be more fun to press, generate more holy power, do more damage, and apply more judgments.

Frost Mage (B Tier)

For Frost Mage, the tier sets are kind of a bit boring. It's just basically a recycled legendary from Shadowlands. Just using another ability instead, that certain being the glacial fragments legendary. With the tier set, you're also getting extra brain freeze procs which are always welcome. However, there's room for that cold front build to become opened up with this particular tier set. Generally, the rotation for Frost is fairly bland. It feels quite nice on single target since you're likely to be shattering your frost bolts to your flurries, into the double isolates, the correct answer is a nice little gameplay loop you have there. But in AOE, it pretty sleeper.

Frost Death Knight (B Tier)

The tier group of Frost DK for next season causes it to look even more enjoyable than it normally is. You can never fail with Frost worms fury like a Frost DK, that button feels amazing to press. The more times you can proc or fall into line a frost worm's fury, the greater. With the ice cap talent, you can reduce the cool-off. So every 40 seconds, you're going to possess a massive burst and pump window for the frost worms''' fury. Frost DK seems like a large amount of fun to make use of. The biggest benefit of Frost is that you simply basically just press the button that illuminates. The abilities hit hard, they are doing big damn which equals big dopamine. Frost DKs are likely to be in an excellent spot in Dragonflight 10.1 DPS tier list.

Havoc Demon Hunter (C Tier)

Demon Hunters aren't too pleased with their tier set and for good reason too. It is simply a purely passive tier set, you will get a little bit of eye beam damage in some places, but you aren't going to experience around by using it, therefore it is not likely to change your gameplay. It is simply purely passive, you will not even notice it. This tiered set does indeed feel uninspired. Outside of that, it's still a fun spec and in all likelihood the most played DPS class. However, momentum does kill this spec. It's not within the greatest spot at this time fun wise, so we’re likely to put it within the C tier.

Balance Druid (B Tier)

Balance Druids are losing possibly the best tier set. They've ever had when it comes to fun, gameplay, strength, power, and every one of that. In patch 10.1. it's just likely to be purely passive for that Balance Druid. It's not appearing like a good time for that bastard particularly in single target, because this is mainly catered towards AOE. There is stuff that does save the spec although, it's likely to be a great deal worse than the computer was in season 1 just when it comes to pure fun. It's likely to be so brain-dead in AOE.

Subtlety Rogue (B Tier)

It doesn't seem like probably the most interesting tier set, you're going to obtain a lot more uptime in your symbols of death potentially even perma-up time. So that's likely to feel great, you're going to obtain a lot of fine weakness procs around the mobs, particularly in mass AOE too. Subs always were built with a great feedback loop, especially on one target. Getting into those shadow dances as frequently as you can big old burst in those shadow dance windows. It is a little more boring on AOE but additionally, if you need to have a funnel target, then you can turn that AOE into prior final damage and merely nuke down a large ad to obtain rid of it quicker, to ensure that feels great. Sub is very a fun spec it is simply a shame the tier set isn't doing an excessive amount for its next patch.

Marksmanship Hunter (C Tier)

The Marksmanship Hunter is likely to get an extra chance at picking your death blows that are just your free kill shots at any percent health. So that's quite fun, however, some set needs some work. You're not likely to notice that 0.5-second CDR it's likely to give you too. Tier sets do open potential new talent builds for that specs. Even with that, we do not know how valuable that's likely to be. Because you're likely to want to molly short whether it's likely to be to invest your precise shot stacks or simply get the damage out because Multi shot can also be getting a damage buff to ensure that's likely to be big damage, particularly in Mythic+. Most importantly, you can obtain a 70 to 80 uptime in your true shot in one target to ensure that feels amazing. But unfortunately, the huge thing may be the loss of double tap, insufficient visuals too just firing off arrows.

Demonology Warlock (S Tier)

With the tier set, Demonology Warlock is looking insane power-wise but additionally fun-wise. Because you're obtaining a melee tyrant, it appears unreal. You're obtaining the cooldown reduction in your Grimoire: Felguard which always feels nice. Now this is also likely to line up together with your demonic tyrant so you're likely to have two tyrants out simultaneously. Buffing your damage, buffing your imp's damage, doing damage themselves, and doing prior damage all that. It's just likely to feel unreal as well as feed into the whole class fantasy of Demo which is by the way probably one of the best class fantasies within the game. Demo S tier spec!

Windwalker Monk (A Tier)

Windwalker mains don't seem to become too pleased with the tier set for next season but that is probably more from the power standpoint. Because going over in your rising sun kick sounds pretty cool. It was worse if this was based on RNG since you weren't pressing it in AOE. It is unfortunate using the four sets because it is simply basically flat damage however it does playback into the two sets. Generally, the Windwalker Monks have always been built with a fun rotation, never pressing the same button twice, keeping you thinking in your feet, you have unlimited levels of mobility too, you're summoning spirits, doing backflips and unreal.

Devastation Evoker (C Tier)

Going into season 2 of Dragonflight, you're losing a significant frontier set. Procing lust out of your four takes hold season 1 would be a great time to ensure that's likely to be missed. In place of that, you're getting purely passive damage that is buffed if you use your dragon rage as well as when you use your empowered abilities, still boring. It's just ignite, you aren't doing anything. It's just purely passive damage, never the best thing for a spec. It's just so boring however it is looking strong right now. We’re likely to put the Devastation Evoker towards the top of C. It's flashy, it has a large amount of nice visuals. But once you have your burst out from the way, it's just a boring simple rotation.

Beast Mastery Hunter (B Tier)

Beast Mastery Hunter is a nice bland spec. This spec has a large amount of CDR, you're getting 12 seconds from your main cooldown each time you press the barb shot. You're getting much more CDR using the tier set for next season, however, when you press bestial wrath, nothing happens. There is a large amount of potential for that spec. We’re likely to put this one at the end of the B tier along with having a Balance Druid. There are a few fun talent combinations as well as the fact that you simply get to do your full rotation around the move. It's pretty underrated for that spec how fun it's.

Survival Hunter (B Tier)

Going into 10.1, they've changed lungs which is your extra melee range in your attacks. They've changed that to lessen the cooldown of the firebombs by one second too. You get much more CDR too from your four sets which is a quite respectable quantity of CDR that you simply get in your bombs. You can virtually just spam them, particularly in AOE. The two sets are also likely to buff your kill command damage too, to ensure that's a pleasant little interaction. For the Survival Hunter, we’re likely to put that one at the top from the B tier, probably the most fun hunter spec in WOW Dragonflight season 2.

Unholy Death Knight (A Tier)

Unholy DKs aren't too pleased with their tier set going into the next patch, even though it has been reworked and buffed in some places. You're likely to get instant 20 stacks of Master of Death whenever you summon your army from the dead, that's likely to be nice for many on-demand bursts. Unholy is certainly one of the more fun specs in Dragonflight 10.1. You have plenty of frequent mini cooldowns too. You've got a dark transformation, buffing your pet and doing big damage. You can disseminate all your diseases, pop all of your wounds, and burst them all simultaneously with massive damage. Even if it didn't do massive damage, it might still be very fun.

Arcane Mage (B Tier)

The cooldown phases of Arcane do look very fine. It's also very unique in the play style too as being one of the only DPS specs that use mana as a resource. In the two sets, you're likely to get increased cooldown duration, to ensure that's always optimistic and you're likely to get increased mana regeneration outside of it. Arcane Echo is one of the best-looking abilities within the game. If you can execute the insane burst properly, then that feels unreal. However, it is very hard to accomplish that burst perfectly, especially when you have affixes, mechanics, and mobs throughout. For the Arcane Mage, we’re likely to put it just slightly before Frost although not too high.

Assassination Rogue (C Tier)

Assassination Rogue is yet another spec that seems to become trying to bridge the gap from the inside and outside their cooldowns next season using their tier set. The two-piece and four-piece do feed into each other using the extra nature damage so that's nice. Assassination Rogue includes a slow gameplay style, especially on one target. The only other disadvantage to this spec is always that, a large amount of work for average results when you can just respect Outlaw or Sub. So we’re likely to put the Assassination Rogue at the bottom from the C tier.

Fire Mage (B Tier)

The tier set isn't looking great with this spec. The big splash damage you need to do to get in the buffed phoenix flames could feel okay, but phoenix flames aren't something that you simply really want to experience around with. It's around the global cooldown whereas fire blast isn't, it does not always guarantee a crit, therefore it can mess up together with your hot streaks and in addition, it has travel time too. So it just feels quite clunky for that spec. The other drawback insufficient playing Fire Mage, especially in Mythic+ may be the fact that you simply can't have some fun until you're able to about a plus 22 key. But this is counted by the proven fact that it causes it to be an excellent class at taking down those prior mobs after which cleaving for massive damage simultaneously. All in all, we’re likely to go for that top from the B tier for Fire Mage. It requires a rework as well as just a buff at this time to make Phoenix flames feel rewarding to press.

Shadow Priest (A Tier)

The tier group of Shadow Priest seems to become feeding much more into the psychic link gameplay which again pitching holding people right into a build isn't too amazing. It's a very fun talent feeding those spells to your prior target after which passively cleave using the rest from it. It feels great and in addition, it makes for many min maxi play styles. The four set is fairly boring just damage your devouring plague and buff your shadowy apparitions. The combination of dots and bursts together and also the off fields utility brings less the spec and causes it to be fun. Extra instant costs mind blast in the two sets too that sounds quite fun. With the rework, Shadow is likely to be inside a good spot in Dragonflight 10.1 DPS tier list season 2.

Arms Warrior (B Tier)

The tier set in the beginning buffing in the slam damage seemed lackluster as well as clunky but we aren't even pressing slam at this time. We're dumping our rage directly into ignoring pain instead. They changed it to Mortal strike cleaving which was already an enormous portion of the damage too, to ensure that feels better still to press as well as doesn't bloat your rotation out an excessive amount. Because you're probably likely to press it anyway especially with sweeping strikes up, to ensure that's a W change for that Arms Warrior. For the Arms spec, we’re likely to put that one at the top from the B tier. Unfortunately, it is simply that single target holding it back.

Outlaw Rogue (B Tier)

Outlaw Rogue is very close to the Fury Warrior. Going into season 2, the tier set doesn't appear too fun for that Outlaw Rogue. Outlaw is yet another one of these specs which will class within the same bow as Beastmaster using the CDR not necessarily mattering an excessive amount of. Although the perk that Outlaw has is the fact that everything gets cooldown reduction onto it, to ensure that does feel happy. But Adrenaline Rush apart from speeding your rotation a bit doesn't do an excessive amount of it, so obtaining the CDR on that does not feel too impactful. One thing that does draw us back out of this spec may be the lack of animations as well as the boring sound clips. But really fun gameplay, you have that gambling aspect that is always fun. When you need to get that fire buff, Outlaw is certainly an S-tier fun spec but obviously, you aren't always likely to get that. The only other issue is the fact that your rotation doesn't change.

Elemental Shaman (B Tier)

Their tier set from the design perspective along with a fun standpoint is peak tier set performance. Getting a free storm keeper every 40 seconds is likely to feel unreal, with big damage, big AOE, and big zaps everywhere. You're likely to generate additional Maelstrom out of your 4 sets in one target scenario to ensure that's likely to feel nice even though it's too necessary. You're likely to get additional crit damage out of your AOE abilities that are passive and pretty boring. But overall an incredible tier set when it comes to design. The only thing using the Elemental Shaman could it be kind of feels a bit clunky. The audio and visual feedback these specs give you can carry these specs alone even when they did nothing beyond that.

Enhancement Shaman (S Tier)

In the tier set, you're obtaining a mastery bonus out of your two sets which aren't too fun. It’s pretty passive and pretty boring however it is making sundering right into a mini cooldown which you're likely to have virtually up for every pack in Mythic Plus. That's likely to feel amazing. The little gameplay loop there every 40 or 45 seconds whatever sundering cooldown is feels amazing on top of the already amazing rotation the Enhancement has. We place it S tier above anything else because the gameplay only agreed to be amazing. You have a wide variety of varieties of builds that you simply can play to. You've got the Elementalist, you have the physical build too. Even if the rotation only agreed to be pressing crash lightning, you'd come with an absolute blast because that visual feedback is amazing just too large W.

Affliction Warlock (B Tier)

Affliction's tier set for next season looks quite nice. You're getting some CDR in your frequent burst which makes it fall into line better together with your other cooldowns too, to ensure that's huge for that Affliction Warlock. Helping boost the ramp time too which Afflictions always struggled with. You're just getting flat down in the four sets. To be fair, this is very a fun spec, you can min-max all of your different dots on multiple targets also it feels very rewarding to keep your dots 100 uptime on the multitude of targets. Spamming out those seeds of corruption for massive AOE damage that we've seen in the Affliction Warlock in season 1. You can snipe extras soul shards from dying mobs that allow you to min-max your gameplay and go to that next stage, therefore it is a very high skill ceiling for that spec.