Our investment in industry-leading surface mount technology enables Best Technology to deliver precise, fast arrays of metal domes and eliminate double domes. Not only can we offer dome arrays as a single product, but we use this process in the construction of membrane switches. This enables Best Technology to provide faster turnaround times, it is cost effective and prevents line downtime.

What is a dome array?

The Metal Dome Array is a polyester film with an adhesive liner used as a carrier that can be easily peeled from a release liner and applied to a circuit board or as a layer in our membrane switch products. Proper treatment of metal domes is very important, see our dome treatment guidelines sheet.

Dome arrays are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet the needs of a variety of electronic applications. They can be customized using a range of materials, including different types of adhesives and graphic overlays. This enables manufacturers to create unique, tailor-made solutions for their products.

How does the dome array work?

The metal dome array piece sits over the contact points on the PCB, and when the metal dome is pressed, the center of the dome brings it into contact with the PCB and allows current to flow.

Dome arrays can be used in a wide range of applications including:

Cell Phones and Other Consumer Electronics

Computer keyboards and other input devices

Car steering wheel and central control display buttons

Handheld Medical Devices

Industrial equipment keyboard

Best Technology offers metal domes in various sizes to suit your requirements. We have the ability to custom cut shapes. Our engineering team is here to help you meet your specifications. Contact us today and we can build a prototype for you.