How To Work in PVP

We'll start using the basics the claws and also the moveset in neuro-scientific that while it is a fact that we possess the nerfed Poise damage on the running heavy, we all do have that increased damage overall, and you will really feel it, the raw damage of these claws is nasty, if you achieve a combo off, it will likely be really good because we now have bleed develop with the fire the blood flame, and if you achieve a proc your AR will get higher and we now have successive hits, so any chain of hits will boost our AR, so every following hit hits harder, but that is pretty good within this current state, when you can get say a running attack on someone, and they've no loan of poise to allow them to stagger that you can do a standing combo which will absolutely destroy them or if you miss the running attack plus they think they are able to now punish you and you just trade into all of them with a standing combo again, great, standing combo will be a very high burst if you're able to ever get it, but since this is a lower poised weapon and never a massive range weapon, it's hard to do especially against heavier Poise armor users or heavier weapon users, this is exactly why we need to be considered a bit clever about whenever we go for the entire standing combo, from the back of the missed swing after staggering someone as well as intentionally trading, then we now have our Ash of War, Thunderbolt for that range kind of surprise damage which arrives really quick and hits well, also, this works like a fantastic mid an extended range pressure suddenly particularly if someone's likely to cast or buff up or possibly take a flask obtain Mana back quite simple to punish them, and it is a chain Caster meaning the very first use will be slow, however the follow-up second and third should you choose it quickly will be considered a chain cast which comes out faster which's great, the harm can be annoying to cope with and seemingly the hitbox is nasty too, we've seen people roll it with what we thought would be a Dodge but still get hit by it, and also the damage will be say 400 to 450 as well as higher you receive couple of those off you've half someone's health or even more really quickly also it doesn't even cost much FP.

How To Work in PVE

The insanely strong standing combo of a very quick fast attacking successive attack bleed build is obviously likely to be good, but we are able to enhance this using the maximum DPS by beginning with a running heavy, that'll perform the double strike so now you have bleed develop maybe a proc, and you have successive hits going already, then you definitely go into a standing light combo which just goes really quick in maybe like 8 to 10 hits, this is a lot of successive hits, this is a lot of bleed develop, this is a lot of raw damage especially following the Buffs, therefore it is pretty insane, something that can one cycle a brand new game plus godrick has good DPS, so despite the fact that our bleed burst is gloomier, despite the fact that white mask and Talisman doesn't provide us with as much AR, this really is still sufficiently strong to pull off say 20K burst inside a full combo easily, which is very respectable, then you possess the benefits of the utility of the range damage using the ash of War without notice it, not only do you get it pretty damn quick from standstill, but it is very solid damage after a couple of chain casts, and using the slight Improvement towards the range, by using this specific weapon the Raptor Claw has the longer range it can make up further claws using a shorter range.

elden ring runes

Attributes & Stats

Vigor: 60

Mind: 16

Endurance: 20

Strength: 14

Skill: 80

Intelligence: 9

Faith: 25

Arcane: 10


Right Hand Armament 1: Keen Raptor Talons+25

They scale incredibly well with dexterity as well as a scaling that boosts the power from the Thunderbolt, anyway, therefore it is just rather easy synergy.

Left Hand Armament 1: Dragon Communion Seal

Head Armor: White Mask

Chest Armor: Beast Champion Armor (Altered)

Arms: Beast Champion Gauntlets

Leg Armor: Beast Champion Greaves


Shard of Alexander

Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

Millicent’s Prosthesis

Lord of Blood’s Exultation

Flask of Wondrous Physicks:

Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear

Thorny Cracked Tear

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