Lets face it, health and beauty tend to be synonymous terms with one very much reflecting the other..


It is well-known that the way our hair looks, feels and grows can change according to various environmental and health factors.


These factors include our diet, our life style, the hair products we use, even the water we shower in. If we are stressed or not getting enough sleep this will also show up in the lustre and feel of our hair.


In fact, quite aside of all the other factors that influence hair health, many of the products that we use on our hair contain the very things that cause us problems in the first place. Take Sodium Lauryl Sulfate for instance. This is one of the central ingredients of many shampoos and yet studies have shown that it actually corrodes hair follicles and impairs hair growth! Propylene Glycol is another chemical widely used in hair products and this one is known to cause rashes and skin irritations. Rather than helping us to overcome our hair problems, many of the ingredients in these products work to exacerbate them!


A little knowledge can go a long way towards helping us make the right decisions about what to use on our heads and this in turn will improve the look and feel of our 髮尾油. Why not use a base shampoo, to which can be added a few drops of our favourite natural oils to add conditioning properties. This can be an inexpensive and helpful move towards improving our general hair health.


It is important to have a well-rounded approach to caring for our hair. Taking note of environmental factors and the products that we use on an almost daily basis is crucial and we need to take a good look at all of these factors.


A healthy lifestyle, adequate exercise, good dietary habits, clean water and plenty of sleep are all important factors in maintaining a healthy head of hair. These may seem like common sense suggestions but you would be surprised at how many people take these simple lifestyle factors completely for-granted and then must eventually pay a heavy price for their negligence.


Along with careful consideration of our lifestyle habits, choosing the right oil for our hair will greatly assist us in improving and maintaining the healthful bounce of well cared for, beautiful hair.


There is no doubt about it, a lovely, healthy head of hair turns heads and this is a natural asset that we already have. It deserves our care and attention.


Being a long time user of hair oil, I decided to put together a website that would bring as much information as possible on the subject of hair and the different oils which are beneficial to the hair into one place.