A new Elden Ring tier list guide for patch 1.09. The new Elden Ring's strongest bleed weapons ranked hanging around 1.09! Enjoy!

Morgott's Cursed Sword (S Tier)

The cursed-blood slash has grown projectile generation speed and reduced recovery time again, so not only do you recover really quick, you are able to combo from the back from it really well or roll out from it, but it is actually catching people around the melee hit since it is quicker might now the pop the curse blood because that's way quicker too, actually, this buff am strong that in patch 1.09.1, they decreased the Poise damage of that since it was too damn good in PvP if this was stagger people and combo so well, they type of gave it a genuine combo where if you perform a running light or standing light then your ash of War a light then your ash of war then your light then your ash wall because of the incredible recovery it's now, you have an infinite combo there really dangerous due to how quick it comes down out and all sorts of the bleed potential and also the range from it that works incredible both in PVE and PVP, and today this weapon is genuinely great, also, it is a curve greatsword that was buffed in 1.09 they've better attack speed range and recovery which just makes this feel incredible.

Reduvia (S Tier)

It doesn't have changes to its mechanics like a dagger in 1.09, still incredible regardless of the bleed AR Nerfs, so if you are not getting just as much AR from bleed procs anymore this thing still builds bleed super quickly to obtain loads of damage the procs have lots of successive hit power behind it so obviously through the roof burst there in DPS and merely feels and appears great and it is versatile using its semi-ranged Ash of War.

Marais Executioner's Sword (S Tier)

Great starts also were buffed in 1.09 again they have better speed range and recovery on various attacks, making the weapon's basic moveset feel much smoother again although the true main chunk of harm is always going to be the ash, is simply nice to achieve the strength from the basic weapon mechanics feeling better still, the raw DPS potential of the weapon can't be understated it's insane, it's a boss chunking machine and may be very deadly in PvP if you're able to land that say Ash in trade or catch someone out, however, the basics of the weapon are better, therefore, it is more relevant in PvP for this day due to this change.

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Eleonora's Poleblade (A Tier)

The problem with the ash continues to be that it can make you Leap Forward, perform a long combo then leap back, you do not really have the control that you will have, and thus that can be very awkward particularly in PvP whenever you try to use it plus they just avoid it after which you're stuck within this combo committing your stamina and FP to nothing or canceling it, and feeling like well that simply didn't work they have to make a type of relevant mistake for this to land, also it can be awkward that movement even so in PVE from the training dummy since you're jumping around for pointless for 1.08 boost the speed of some attacks and lower the recovery time to Twin blades when two-handing which in ways was a specific buff for this weapon since you would want to two-hand this any way to obtain the maximum utilization of its unique heavy attack and combos, in 1.09 additionally they improved the twin blades further, improving their running attacks.

Rivers of Blood (A Tier)

In 1.09, technically it has been buffed again, with running attack speed boosting the better recovery time on katanas as a whole, that's nice with this weapon, but ultimately, everything comes back towards the ash of War corpse pilot that is just not hitting nearly as hard anymore, further, that's nerfed again since it is a bleed weapon you are looking for the bleed procs so that as we know the white mask and also the Talisman they're nerfed this path, therefore, it takes a large relevant hit by doing so, in PVE, you can still get great use of the weapon.

Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear (A Tier)

It was another weapon type to consider a hit because the great spear also offers reduced hitbox size on various attacks addressing its kind of phantom Ranger experience of PvP, the bleed procs as quick because they are with this weapon deal less damage, will still be very strong.

Bloody Helice (B Tier)

It continues to be nerfed again in 1.09 after something similar to four Nerfs within this weapon type over various patches, hitting its Poise its power the jumping attacks particularly, it's taken another Nerf, now heavy thrusting swords also have lost a little bit of range following the hitbox size various attacks continues to be reduced, even though, will still be just a solid weapon however it just keeps taking hit after hit both mechanically, but additionally its creation of course as being a bleed weapon, the main one nerfing this though would be a specific PVP nerve where they nerfed counter-attack damage that would be a big foundation of how you would get damage off with this particular weapon often trading and winning because of might it just does less damage as well because the AR Buffs the white can Talisman being worse, it's taking nasty damage hits.

Regalia of Eochaid (B Tier)

It has faster-running attack speed recovery and also the first attack of their combos quicker too, which is nice. However, everything affects the weapon in ways that don't matter its main damage continues to be the ash of War which remains a weaker version of some other weapons on this list, still, it is a reasonable strength weapon.

Clinging Bone (C Tier)

This is a fist weapon, also it's quite a fascinating one because we now have the boss to fist weapons overall in 1.08 but a PVP Nerf for them in 1.09 in which the running heavy attack and high attack have lower Poise.

Serpent Bow (C Tier)

It is a very useful bow for which it does, basically, you used poison Arrows with this plus they will apply deadly poison, and also the bow itself will apply poison or deadly poison that is an effective way to use it quickly, deadly poison is much more damage per tick than regular poison but lasts a shorter period, this works well using the AR buffers that proc whenever you proxy poison and rot, there're talismans along with other items with this, and you will end up producing more of might applying the damage faster with time with a deadly poison that is a positive thing.

Ripple Crescent Halberd (C Tier)

Ripple Crescent halberd which in 1.09, this weapon type can be buffed and nerfed, so they have faster-running attacks and recovery but they've decreased the hitbox size for several attacks, so they're losing that slight Phantom range this weapon type had which certainly sucks in PvP, however, the running attack spin quicker is very nice as well because the recovery being easier to combo into other attacks faster, this continues to be the highest natural Arcane weapon that people can buffer up in a variety of ways.

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