Are you looking to upgrade your audio experience? KEF R11 Speakers are the perfect choice for any audiophile. This blog post provides a comprehensive review of the KEF R11 Speakers, including an overview of their history and innovation, technical specifications, sound quality, design aesthetics, and customer reviews. With this information in hand, readers will have all they need to make an informed decision on whether or not these speakers are right for them  . Get ready to be blown away by the superior sound quality and performance that KEF R11 Speakers provide!


Overview of KEF R11 Speakers.

KEF is a British manufacturer of audio equipment that has been producing high-quality speakers since 1961. The company was founded by Raymond Cooke, an electrical engineer who wanted to create speakers with superior sound quality and clarity. Over the years, KEF has become renowned for its innovative design and technology, setting standards in the industry for acoustic performance and sound reproduction. KEF's flagship series includes the R  Series, which offers a wide range of premium performance loudspeakers that provide exceptional sound quality and an immersive listening experience. The R11 Speakers are one such model from this series – designed to deliver superior audio performance at a competitive price point.

Technical Specifications of KEF R11 Speakers

The KEF R11 Speakers have a two-way configuration featuring dual 6-inch LF drivers and one 1-inch HF tweeter for enhanced low frequency response and accurate detail resolution in the highs. It has an efficient power handling capacity of up to 120W peak power per speaker  , with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms making it suitable for use with most amplifiers or receivers on the market today. It also features advanced technologies such as UniQ driver array which helps distribute sound evenly across all frequencies; along with sophisticated crossovers optimized to ensure smooth transition between mid/high frequencies while minimizing distortion levels across all ranges; plus Bespoke Bass Extension (BBE) technology which enhances bass output without compromising accuracy or clarity; allowing you to enjoy deep, punchy lows even at lower volumes settings.

Audio Quality and Performance of KEF R11 Speakers.

The KEF R11 speaker system is a 3-way, 6-driver design that utilizes two 8-inch bass drivers, two 5.25-inch mid range drivers and two 1 inch aluminum dome tweeters. It also features a dedicated 25mm ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) to further enhance low frequencies and increase dynamic range  . All drivers are powered by separate amplifiers for improved efficiency and better sound reproduction. The active crossovers feature advanced algorithms to ensure smooth transitions between frequency ranges while the digital signal processing (DSP) optimizes performance on multiple levels. The speakers have an overall frequency response range of 36Hz - 40kHz, with a maximum SPL output of 108dB at 1 meter distance.

Sound Performance and Quality of the KEF R11 Speakers.

The KEF R11 offers excellent sound quality for its size due to its carefully designed drivers and active crossover networks . With its extended frequency response, it provides tight bass with minimal distortion even at higher volumes, making it suitable for both large listening spaces as well as smaller rooms where space is limited. At lower volumes, the midrange is clear and detailed without any harshness or fatigue which allows vocals to shine through nicely in all types of music genres from pop to classical . When pushed harder , the sound remains crisp with tight low end control thanks to the ABR technology  . In addition , the DSP ensures that each driver performs optimally regardless of volume level or source material , creating a balanced yet highly detailed presentation throughout the entire audio spectrum .

Design and Aesthetics of KEF R11 Speakers.

The KEF R11 speakers offer a unique combination of sleek design and superb audio performance. The visual appeal is enhanced by the modern aluminum construction, which adds to the overall aesthetic of these speakers. The cabinets are designed with an elegant curved shape that gives them a sophisticated look.   The angled edges are also well-crafted, adding to their visual appeal. In addition, the drivers used in these speakers feature premium grade components that promise top-notch sound quality and performance.

Dimensions and Weight of the KEF R11 Speakers

The dimensions for this speaker model are 1180 x 277 x 350 mm (WxHxD) while they weigh in at 23kg each—an impressive feat given their size  . This makes them easy to move around when needed but still solid enough to provide reliable audio performance. With its black finish and brushed aluminum accents, it brings a touch of sophistication to any room it’s placed in without looking too flashy or out of place.

Connectivity Options Available on the KEF R11 Speakers

The connectivity options available on these speakers include both wired and wireless options such as Bluetooth 4.2+EDR technology with aptX codec support for wireless streaming from compatible devices such as phones or tablets as well as optical digital input ports for connecting devices such as computers or gaming consoles directly via cables if desired. Additionally, there is an analog line-in port for connecting traditional stereo sources like CD players or turntables so you can enjoy your classic music collection with ease as well  !

Customer Reviews of KEF R11 Speakers.

When it comes to customer reviews, the KEF R11 speakers have earned an overall positive reputation, with many customers praising their audio quality and performance. Many customers have praised the R11’s bass response as well as its overall clarity in sound reproduction  . One reviewer stated that “the KEF R11 speakers provide a wide soundstage with detailed imaging, great midrange clarity and punchy bass response” while another noted that they “deliver an accurate representation of music with plenty of detail in both highs and lows”.

The design of the speakers has also been met with much approval from customers who appreciate their sleek aesthetic which fits into any home décor without compromising on style or sound quality. Customers have described them as “elegant yet unobtrusive”, making them ideal for both large spaces such as living rooms or smaller areas like home offices or bedrooms.

In addition to sound quality and design, customers have also praised the durability of the speakers which can withstand years of use without losing any of their original features. One reviewer wrote that “these are some truly solid pieces; I've had mine for over five years now and they still produce excellent audio performance just like when I first purchased them” indicating a high level of customer satisfaction even after prolonged use. This speaks volumes about KEF's commitment to building reliable products that stand up to wear and tear over time.

Overview of the cost of KEF R11 Speakers.

The price point for the KEF R11 Speakers varies depending on the retailer, but typically ranges between $899 - $1199 USD. This is slightly more expensive than other comparable models of speakers  , such as those from Polk Audio or Klipsch, but many customers find that the additional cost is worth it for the superior quality sound and aesthetics of KEF products.

Where to purchase KEF R11 Speakers.

KEF R11 Speakers are available in both physical retail stores and online marketplaces all over the world, including Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, B&H Photo Video and more. Most retailers will offer free shipping with orders over a certain amount or may have discounts available if you  purchase multiple items at once. Additionally, some retailers offer extended warranties on their products so be sure to check for these options when making your purchase.


In conclusion, KEF R11 Speakers provide an unparalleled audio experience that is perfect for home theater systems or music listening. With their innovative design and construction, along with excellent technical specifications and sound quality, they are sure to give users a listening experience unlike any other  . Customer reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and indicate that these speakers offer great value for money.