In today's guide, we will be showing you 5 new glitches & locations where you can perform in Elden Ring patch 1.09.1 as well as 1.09, assisting you get unlimited runes easily after the patch.

Elden Ring 1.09.1 Best Run Farm Glitches & Locations - 5 Best Methods to Farm Runes after Patch 1.09.1

With the discharge of the 1.09.1 update, most of the rune farm glitches which were previously extremely powerful and simple hanging around have been fixed, but we still found newer and more effective ways available, let's take a glance!

Elden Ring 1.09.1 Rune Farm Method 1

We are likely to arrive at the initial step taking left, to ensure that we're heading for the West. Drop down over around the ledge. You have to locate this if you try to decrease down at any point over there for the right, that is most certainly going to be a defunct zone. You will fall towards your death. So we'll go for the left and that we'll drop down. You have to be careful if you're aware the mount doesn't have great fall damage, you can fall from the sliver of the hair and merely die somehow. So once we're around the bottom portion and that we're in which the beach is, we can then locate the underside section from the structure that people jumped on. There's likely to be the Fella, we will go ahead and connect to him and get the item he has which is likely to be the short bow. Now that people have the short bow, we can then continue to the next step. Make sure that you will have this equipped.

So the following location we have to head over towards is Altus Plateau, specifically the Capital Outskirts. This is where all of the Battlefield war continued, we can then go past this, and go for the left after which go all of the way up to the top where you simply should see a few skeleton guards, and you can pass by them. They're not likely to throw any weird attacks at you to kick you off your horse, there are no spells here. Then we'll locate the merchant around the left side. What's great is the fact Merchant is likely to be selling an excellent arrow, what we can do is make use of this in the latest glitch using the bow. So we will go up towards the merchant and proceed to interact with them, feel the dialogue, exhaust everything, visit purchase, and then we can go down for the Grade Arrow. There are two that we can buy, it doesn't matter which one you buy, you can purchase the golden ones. Once you have the golden arrows, we can then proceed and equip all of this. So ensure that you have everything equipped, make sure that people have the truly amazing arrow, and ensure that you fill that first slot using the great arrow. We may then have the bow equipped, and make certain it's both in hands. We are likely to then jump after which try to shoot an arrow, but while you land, try to make use of the button that you can shoot an excellent arrow. So this may be L2 or R2 for you.

1.09.1 Rune Farm Method 2

Then head over to the Church of Repose, we're able to then exit outside from the church and what you need to see is the fact that there will be this slash around the Lost Grace. This means that you're likely to be invaded here shortly. Once you are invaded, you can then go for the left side for the Southwest, you need to locate the giant there after which go directly behind him. What we will be in a position to do next is we will lure this Fella quickly to the map. If you head for the bottom here, there are 2 ways to do that, you can either sit here and permit him to toss himself off, or you can just jump quickly the map, and he'll follow you, do exactly while you do.

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1.09.1 Rune Farm Method 3

Continuing for the second half of the glitch that is at Smoldering Church. There will be an Invader when you need to exit outside of the church similar to the previous one and what you are going to do is go for the right side and directly behind the church. There's likely to be a legend that people want to locate because we will jump right onto it. Just jump forward, and land, it appears as if we can fall, there is however just a little barrier there, but when you go for the end, you'll fall. So you may be wondering how are we likely to be using this to kick the boss from the map. We're likely to exit outside from the church and we should observe that the Invader will appear. We could then head directly behind the church, we're able to then go on towards the same barrier. So we're now within the back portion for the Northeast, you need to locate the same ledge, simply land onto it, and jump onto it, however, you might wish to wait for this Fella to obtain a little bit closer. Once this Invader is close enough, you can drop down, this Invader will jump in your direction and you both can slip.

1.09.1 Rune Farm Method 4

Continuing for the fourth-best rune farming glitch in Elden Ring 1.09.1 we will then continue for the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum for the Northeast. You should choose a tree around the left side, what we can do is jump directly behind it, on top of the tree trunk, or even the side from it. And we can then go all the way up. You should observe that there's a barrier stopping you so you'll perform a 180, jump around the rock around the left side after which jump forward land around the ledge, and then you can just follow it for the left side. The reason why reason is just in case they are doing patch one from the previous glitches within the upcoming patch. Then you have an alternative way to do that. If you're wondering does software patches glitches such as this, they've done it in the past yet, there are so many work workarounds and alternatives, there are virtually most of the ones here present in Dynasty Mausoleum. After thirty to forty seconds once you have fallen that hole, you need to do need to strike constantly. So continuously swipe that blade across until 30 to 45 seconds you need to see the runes appear.

1.09.1 Rune Farm Method 5

If you need to survive the fall damage, just fast-travel back for the Lost Grace. The next best glitch to farm runes 1.09.1 is likely to involve the tree spirit. If you have this equipped, what you can do is activate the skill, then swap over towards a weapon such as a bow. We can make use of the same glitch from previously, therefore the bow glitch with this particular tree spear glitch. So you may be wondering what's so glitchy about this, if it's not obvious enough, we have the holy arm inside it. Mounted on a bow, this can be on staff too. You can utilize this in PVE and PVP, it simply depends on if you are that kind of person.