The quality of hair extensions is important to avoid messing up your hair and we understand you may have questions. So let's start...


where does the hair come from


Hair extensions can come from different countries including China, India and Russia.


Hair extensions should be made with high quality hair that looks and feels natural, and by a team that knows what they are doing. The hair is 100% high quality Remy  速剪 human hair. (Remy simply means that the cuticle runs in the same natural direction as the hair). A great source of hair is A1 grade Chinese hair. It's salon-quality, feather-light, and has a soft, natural-looking texture. (Courtney recently shared, "It feels like normal hair, softer than my own)."


In general, there are four types of hair extensions:


Loop Micro Link Hair Extensions

Woven Weft (Sewn onto your hair)

Glue in extensions

Clip-In Extensions


How are they applied?


  1. Loop Micro Link... Easy to attach and remove


Latest "attachment technology", faster, much easier to attach, all in one system


Application in one step


speed of application


Quick and easy repositioning


More convenient as they feature the smallest fastener link which is much appreciated at 2am.


  1. Micro Link Hair Extensions (requires use of a pull pin)


Same benefits as Loop but more difficult to apply, slower and generally results in a bulkier finished attachment.


  1. Woven weft extensions (sewn into your hair)


The Loop Micro Links were rarely used due to repositioning issues, but were very popular with people with active lifestyles and superseded most of the benefits of this technology.


  1. Glue in thermal extensions


Until recently, the most widespread application technology. A finished attachment that is bulkier, slower and more difficult to remove or reposition, and in many cases results in hair breakage upon removal.


  1. Clip-in hair extensions are quite different from more permanent hair extensions and serve a very specific purpose...still the best solution for that special "once-in-a-lifetime" evening.


Requires little time to apply (5-10 minutes application) and is quickly removed from the hair.


For the occasional instant long hair effect.


Planning Your Extensions: If your natural hair requires coloring, it is best to do this at least 48 hours before applying your Loop Micro Link Extensions.


When will I have my next haircut? It is best to have your hair trimmed AFTER installing the extensions. Your new extension hair can be trimmed normally, but inform your hairstylist before starting the service.


Perm: Under no circumstances should this service be used.


Hair Extension Care: Regularly check your microbeads and re-curl loose hair extensions if necessary. Always check after each chemical service.


Styling: Always use a hair extension brush or other flexible brush with firm bristles. Avoid excessive wet combing. Your hair extensions should be treated like any other chemically treated hair. Using a blow dryer, thermal curling irons or flat irons is perfectly fine, but using a 速剪 care product with heat protection is highly recommended. Most professional manufacturers make high quality thermal protection products and remember to use your silicone spray serum.


With clip ins or loop micro links hair extensions, YOU will look even more beautiful.