Path of Exile offers players a multitude of POE Currency items, each with its unique purpose and function. Among them, the Orb of Unmaking holds great significance as a valuable tool for crafting high-end items. In this guide, we will explore the acquisition and usage of Orb of Unmaking, along with the added power of Divine Orbs in Path of Exile.

How to Get the Orb of Unmaking

Farming: Engage in end-game maps and high-level areas to increase your chances of obtaining an Orb of Unmaking as drops from monsters and chests.

Trade: Utilize the in-game trade system or third-party websites to connect with other players who possess Orbs of Unmaking and are willing to sell them.

Divination Cards: Seek out specific divination cards, such as "The Unshaping," which can be exchanged for an Orb of Unmaking.

Crafting: Utilize a Divine Orb on a rare item with six linked sockets to transform it into an Orb of Unmaking.

Events: Participate in in-game events where the Orb of Unmaking is sometimes offered as a rewarding prize.

How to spend Poe Orb of Unmaking?

The Orb of Unmaking is a currency item in Path of Exile that can be used to remove modifiers from rare items, as well as change the item's sockets and links. The item will return to its original state, but will also lose all of its current modifiers, including any implicit modifiers.

To use the Orb of Unmaking, you simply right-click on the item you want to remove the modifier from, then left-click on the Orb of Unmaking in your inventory. Note that once an item is unmade, it cannot be undone, so it is wise to be very sure about removing modifiers before using Orb of Unmaking on it.

It's often used to remove unwanted modifiers or damage, or to change an item's slots and links to better suit a particular build. It can also be used to make room for new modifiers by removing existing modifiers, or to remove specific modifiers that prevent an item from being used for a particular build.

It's worth noting that the Orb of Unmaking can also be used to remove an item's 6 link slot, which is a great way to get 6 link items since it's a rare crafting result.

Why do players choose to buy PoE Currency outside the game?

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What to consider when buying PoE Currency?

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In the world of Path of Exile, the Orb of Unmaking stands as a highly sought-after currency item, granting players the ability to deconstruct and refine their rare items. Combined with the added influence of Divine Orbs, these tools provide an avenue for crafting powerful and customized gear. However, their acquisition and effective usage require both knowledge and resourcefulness. As you embark on your journey, keep these valuable tools in mind, for they hold the key to unlocking the true potential of your character in Path of Exile.