Cold Storage Sandwich Panels manufacturers Product Introduction锛?/span> The polyurethane cold storage insulated panels uses light polyurethane foam as the core material, the benefit of polyurethane is that the thermal insulation performance is very good, the outside of the polyurethane cold storage insulated panels is made of color steel panel and stainless steel panel assembly, the advantage of this is to prevent the cold storage panel because of the large internal and external temperature difference leading to the spread of temperature, so that the cold storage is more energy-saving, can be like a refrigerator-style thermal insulation effect, reduce electricity consumption to improve refrigeration efficiency. Product Features锛?/strong> 鈼廡he concave and convex groove structure improves the airtightness of the connection of the panel, and has excellent heat insulation and waterproof performance; 鈼廔t has good heat insulation effect, eliminates "cold bridge", greatly improves the airtight performance, and is more suitable for air-conditioned cold storage. Different core materials have different thermal insulation effects: Advantages锛?/strong> 1. Good thermal insulation and fire resistance: fire prevention can reach B1 and B2 levels. 2. Proprietary airtight technology The use of proprietary panels type鈥檚 airtight structure technology to make the adjacent panels seam insulation layer more organic combination into one, natural, eliminate the "cold steam bridge", greatly improve the airtight performance, more suitable for air conditioning library. 3. Energy saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection The selection and processing of polyurethane panels strictly follow the national and industry environmental protection standards. In the process of use, the panels are not easy to breed bacteria and parasites, and adapts to the various complex situations and strict environmental protection requirements of the cold chain industry. The cold storage insulation system with proprietary panels type airtight structure technology organically connects the cold storage body into one, realizes absolute airtightness, saves 30% of energy consumption, and greatly reduces operating costs. 4. Quick and easy installation The panels factory is pre-made, and the installation system is designed to meet the all-weather construction requirements, shorten the installation cycle, reduce labor costs and material losses. Parameters of 100mm cold room sandwich panel : Product Name100mm cold room sandwich panel ModelCS50-100/PURCS50-100/PIR Metal sheet0.4-0.8mm 1) color prepainted galvanized steel 2) Aluminum zinc, 3) stainless steel, 4)Aluminum鲁004 Thickness50 / 75 / 100 / 120 / 150 /175 / 200mm Effective width920/1000/1120mm Length of panelCustomized Core materialPU/PUR (Polyurethane)PIR ( polyisocyanurate ) Density40~42 KG/M345~50 KG/M3 Thermal conductivity (25鈩?鈮?.022/(m.k)鈥傗€?/p>鈮?.0195w/(m.k)鈥傗€?/p> Heat-resistant range-185鈩?~ 110鈩冿紙PUR foam)-196鈩?~ 205鈩?PIR foam) Closed cell rate鈮?7%鈮?7% Compression strength185 Kpa220 Kpa Water absorption rate2.5-3%up to 0.9% Fireproof gradeB2B1 Color of steel plateWhite gray or Customized What's Modified atmosphere cold storage store ? The modified atmosphere storage method is currently one of the most popular, effective and advanced fruit and vegetable preservation technologies used internationally. Mainly used in fruit, vegetables and other food storage. It is on the basis of refrigeration, increase the gas composition regulation system, through the storage environment temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen concentration and ethylene concentration and other conditions of control, inhibit fruit and vegetable respiration, delay its metabolic process, better maintain the quality and freshness of fruits and vegetables, prolong the storage period and freshness of fruits and vegetables. Usually modified atmosphere storage can extend the storage period by 0.5 to 1 times compared with ordinary refrigeration; The preservation period of fruits and vegetables stored in the air conditioning warehouse can be extended by 21-28 days compared with ordinary refrigeration after leaving the warehouse, which is 3 to 4 times that of ordinary refrigerated storage. The main performance index: Temperature in the library: -2 掳C ~ 15 掳C adjustable. Relative humidity: RH75%-95% adjustable. Oxygen content (02): 1% to 10% adjustable. Carbon dioxide (Co2): 1% to 10% adjustable. Ethylene content: 10PPM or less. Reservoir air tightness index (domestic): limited pressure 10mm water column, residual water column height after 10min is not less than 5mm. Reservoir gas tightness index (foreign): limited pressure 25mm water column, residual water column height after 30 minutes is not less than 8mm.Cold Storage Sandwich Panels manufacturers website: