I somehow joined FINAL FANTASY XIV, claiming that I no longer like MMORPGs. Everyone said it would be very good in the end, so we faced many missions to reach this famous light.

But progress is slow. It's not as slow as "slow", but slower as "I can't stop creating characters and they help me". Seriously, please help me. Now I can't stop running, so I'm moving very slowly towards that ramp. Please let me explain.

The character I've been dating for the longest time is Shadowhulk, the image of an angry green man spitting, but the blue-gray shades are reminiscent of his original cartoon colors. I like to think that the Parallel Universe, full of thousands of naughty cat boys, rather has a gentle Bruce Banner who wants to enjoy their company.

Indeed, I like Halky more and more. After all, we went to many places together and farm FFXIV Gil. This includes trekking along the hot desert, crushing giant sand bugs into mud, or traveling through busy cities to provide herbal teas to thirsty officers. He recently also got his first chocobo mount! I named it Kiryu after the main character, Ryu Dojima. Perhaps one of my favorite things about Halky is his position. The appearance of hanging an arm on one side like a tree trunk is very cute.

The photo of FINAL FANTASY XIV shows Shadow Hulk smiling at the camera. A large blue crystal floats in the background.
As the EXP column went up, my love for this beef pie grew.
Basically, only one thing prevented me from proposing to a digital avatar, which was Hulky's run. It does not mean that it is bad, clumsy, or similar. This is not what I am looking for. I'm looking for something strange and concrete. I don't know what drives me forward, but it can only be described as "fun enthusiasm." After a lot of analysis, I think this is the lack of halky when putting one foot in front of the other.

For me, Hulky's running is a little too smooth and I don't have enough weight. This is reminiscent of labor-saving semi-jogging, which can be invaded when a car crosses the road after giving way, but as long as you hold down the W key like a tired doll, it's It will be stretched.

Of course, I tried all the other races to see if the animation that caught my attention was running. This is the cause of the delay. Everyone needs to analyze carefully, I decided that the cat boy, the dragon boy and the little Larafael are running well. Why? Instead of sliding along the surface of the floor like a passing stone, it gallops like a floor. It's lively here and the capture task doesn't complete on its own! I find this passion for delivering herbal teas incredibly satisfying.

I hope there is a way to sample the running animation of the character before creating it in FFXIV. That will save me a lot of time. That is, all options are useful for decision making, except for running options. There are horned dogs that can strip your character into their underwear. The other is their characteristic posture or dance. You can see the character in various environments even in a flashy background. Everything is great, everything is cute, let's take a look at your jogging now.