With the Elden Ring patch 1.09, lots of weapon types saw some relevant buffs and nerf. Quite a few boss weapons were heavily affected even bringing them up in Elden Ring 1.09 weapon ranking ought to be. In this Elden Ring 1.09 remembrance weapons tier list 2023, we rank the very best Str, Dex, Int, Faith, and Arcane weapons!

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons (Str, Dex, Int, Faith, and Arcane) - Elden Ring 1.09 Boss Weapons Tier List

According to Elden Ring 1.09 tier list for that remembrance boss weapons, overall they do very well. A large amount of them was previously useless or terrible, now most things are viable, usable, or damn good. So they do a good job balancing these! Now, when it comes to our Elden Ring 1.09 boss weapons tier list, we'll work our way to the bottom, and discuss the boss weapons and just how they stand in patch 1.09.

D Tier

Winged Greathorn

Winged Greathorn may be the only D Tier weapon remaining around the Elden Ring weapons tier list 1.09. The Winged Greathorn is technically much better than this patch like a great ax. There's an extremely important change for this weapon key in terms of the way the mechanics from it work with increased speed range and recovery time for several attacks and that is feeling great. Ultimately the ash of war which supplies that debuff to people that stand it which makes them weaker and take more damage can be quite awkward to make use of. Holding you in position, spreading out a really small cloud super easy to avoid and tough to land even just in PvE in several circumstances. Ultimately this weapon just does not have the power it needs, the ash of war needs more relevant love.

C Tier

Bastard's Stars

Moving as much as the D tier of Elden Ring boos weapons tier list after patch 1.09 may be the wonderful Bastard's Stars. This is as much as C tier now also it deserves a minimum of that. So weirdly in 1.08, they made fails better about power stance, passing on some very helpful improvements there. But they went much further this patch 1.09 boosts the attribute scaling of flails which does affect this weapon and makes it have better scaling and damage as a whole. But also boosts the speed of numerous attacks and recovery time plus they deal much more poise when having it in 2 hands. It's just gone from a complete joke of the weapon to really relevant and quite fun to use like a sort of challenge certainly much more viable than it was previously.

Grafted Dragon

Grafted Dragon is a fist weapon that’s slightly worse within this patch because of the weapon type. What they did is that they decreased the poise damage, specifically heavy attacks and running heavy attacks or fists and claws. So this weapon presently has less potential in PvP which is funny since it wasn't precisely the most relevant weapon. It does possess a pretty cool ash of war which may be usable in a PvE scenario. But it's a little awkward it is a bit of the meme pick but it is undeniable it does have quite the output in a few instances and is very fun to make use of if you can have great results.

Giant's Red Braid

Giant's Red Braid has gotten some changes and some buffs which have increased attack speed around the first attack of their combo plus they've reduced the attack recovery time for whips as a whole. This is not relevant because whips are still a really weak weapon type. While their range and move set is fun, meta, and potential viability-wise, they are not very good. They attack a bit too slowly plus they have simply no poise inside a meta according to 1.08 and beyond where poise and stag are extremely important.

Lion Great bow

No changes for this weapon type. It's simply a great great bow capable of getting some enhancements in the unique ammo type along with a fine pick if you want to make use of great bows. But there's nothing to say about it.

B Tier

Axe of Godrick

Moving as much as B within the Elden Ring 1.09 Remembrance weapons tier list, we now have Axe of Godrick. Thanks to the major weapon type changes, they've increased the attribute scaling of great axes and increased the rate range and recovery time for several attacks that have been very nice with this weapon, with a bit more damage also the moveset is feeling great. Combine the rate and damage and selection of this weapon with something similar to Bestial Sling and you will catch individuals with a much greater speed than they're expecting. You will have lots of fun with this particular weapon in PvP compared to PvE. The problem may be the damage is pathetic also it's still fairly slow. Also, it is a shock wave meaning bosses can jump the ash of war damage.

Dragon King's Cragblade

Next up around the Elden Ring patch 1.09 weapon ranking for Remembrance, we now have the heavy thrusting sword Dragon King's Cragblade which finds itself in an awkward position within this patch. Because it's got another nerf towards the heavy thrusting swords again. They've decreased the hitbox size for several attacks with this weapon type from the back of numerous specific moves, jumping in attacks, and various movesets for this weapon type in addition to really decreasing the poise damage. For PvP specifically, reducing counter thrusting damage in 1.07. So it's just carrying out a lot less damage and today it has even less range inside an awkward place. For now, we'll allow it to barely keep B Tier since it still has some output, it's still a cool weapon but still fun to make use of!

Marika's Hammer

Finally still in B tier is Marika's Hammer which is much better than this patch. It isn’t relevant enough to push it to A Tier. What they did maybe the hammer type, they've increased the running attack speed and recovery time. That's feeling nice and smooth because you're permitted to combo and smoothly enter in the ash of war which does staggering damage if you're able to land it. It has hyper armor, big hits, and poise damage. If you can land it in PvP, it is going to crush but to tell the truth Landing in PvP is very hard. You can entirely rely on the ash of war for that damage though in PvE, the output there's insanely good per usual.

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A Tier

Sacred Relic Sword

Sacred Relic Sword continues to be nerfed within this patch specifically the ash of war. Basically what they've done is that they made it weaker especially for free for those in a team deathmatch in which you would be spamming that massive AOE ash of war to knock people down, deal great damage, and get it done from long range. The runners are wide, it might just cover simply the entire arena. In 1.09, great swords saw a buff where they increased the rate range and recovery time for several attacks, so they're feeling a great deal smoother and much more effective. The weapon type does great at this time. So although these were built with a bit of the knock, it's also were built with a boost, so A Tier still feels fair.

Starscourge Greatsword

Starscourge Greatsword is fairly cool simply because they have their ash of war buff within this patch. They took the Starcaller Cry and increased the rate of the follow-up attack that downward slam. Now the first part, gravity pulling is very useful in PvP, dealing good damage pulling people in, and pressuring them for that follow-up slam. Even though it is faster now, will still be quite predictable and simple to roll in PvP. So we don't rate this as a boost to its tier. It's just a great Elden Ring 1.09 boss weapon with big burst potential which burst potential is a bit more consistent now. Better DPS overall in PvE if you are just spamming the ash of war since it comes out quicker.

Hand of Malenia

Another weapon that's much better than this patch may be the Hand of Malenia. There's a slight buff to katanas by which they enhance the running attack speed and reduced attack recovery time. So those weapons as a whole are feeling a bit smoother. Especially using the running attack, that you can do a running thrust which feels amazing, and it has great phantom range, which being faster is fairly crazy. This weapon by proxy is slightly better also it remains an amazing successive attack weapon because of its ash of war. Overall, a very high DPS weapon feels a little smoother within this patch.

Axe of Godfrey

Axe of Godfrey hasn't had some major changes. There is a note though where they've increased the scaling to colossal weapons, but it is hard to say with this particular one. Because the scaling seemed the same, it does not seem like it was built with a real AR boost. This remains in A Tier though thanks to the buffs the Regal Roar and also the follow-up hits that come in the heavy attack. It's a nice high AR dangerous colossal weapon with good and interesting potential on its ash of war and also the unique heavy.

S Tier

Morgott's Cursed Sword

Morgott's Cursed Sword finally makes it towards the S tier on Elden Ring 1.09 Remembrance weapons ranking following the amazing buffs towards the weapon key in this patch and also the ash of war is feeling phenomenal. The weapon type, the curved great sword has grown speed range and recovery time that is feeling insane. It was already a very long weapon but the increased range now means you're clipping people at ranges that are just insane. The speed from the attacks means the DPS is much better and also it's feeling a great deal smoother. The major thing is the recovery time though, permitting pretty infinite combos. It's deadly like a bleeding weapon.

Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear

This comes from the nasty nerf towards the AOE that is reduced in range in the blood boon ritual, but a pretty wide-reaching bleed option. Now like a great spear, they reduce the hitbox size because of its attacks for several attacks which sucks. Because the selection of this weapon is a big power part of it and having that reduced does hurt. But the main aspect from the DPS potential of the weapon may be the ash of war and also the bleed potentially you've there. That was nerfed in 1.09 where they reduced the ability of the White Mask and also the Lord of Blood Talisman. You're getting a great deal less AR than you are accustomed to when a bleed would trigger, so all bleed builds and builds that depend on triggering bleed often are weaker now. But it's still great!

Blasphemous Blade

Blasphemous Blade is arguably the very best Elden Ring 1.09 Remembrance weapon within the game. We don't need to discuss it an excessive amount. It's just overturned, it has a little too much opting for it and somehow it's received various buffs over patches and patches also it hasn't changed this patch. As a great sword, it got a heightened speed range and recovery time for several attacks. So just using this like a weapon like a physical attacking weapon, is simply better. It's crazy that this is still getting buffed even by proxy of their weapon type.

Carian Regal Scepter

Carian Regal Scepter is a boss weapon that you can use like a fighting weapon using its spinning ash of war. But this mainly comes down to the fact it has s intelligence scaling and boosts your moon sorcery damage which is very nice. It's a relevant staff since it's simply the second-best boss weapon in Elden Ring patch 1.09 from your sorcery builds unless you're prepared to go for that increased damage but make things more expensive FPU. If not, this is fairly much the very best pick. So obviously it's S tier because sorcery builds love this thing.

Maliketh's Black Blade

Maliketh's Black Blade continues to be an S tier at this time there weren't any major changes to colossal swords this patch. They did boost the attribute scaling from the colossal sword weapon key in the notes. Other than that, it is a Destined Death supplier, so a minute now of 10% health reduction along with a burst of harm and damage with time when you use it. It's also got hyper armor and also the Ash of War includes a triple attack part from it where you spin it around. Then slam, then blow up that is fantastic in PvP. They also walk back the nerve to crouch poke that is feeling nice and good and usable nowadays. It's a cool, very unique weapon and pairs incredibly well using the dagger to double on your Destin Death application and mix your attack speed.

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