We often say that weddings are all about the bride and groom formal dresses , it's their special day, so it should be about them. While there is some truth to this statement, it is not entirely true. Weddings, above all, share our joy with those we love, celebrate our joy, our future, and an important decision in our lives, bringing the closest to us. That being said, why not think of a way to get mom to your wedding?
The person who gave birth to us, raised us, taught us almost everything we know about life, and always has our backs, is our mother. So, for us, they are not only the most important people in our lives, but also on our wedding day. We want to thank them, make them feel equally happy, and make sure they know their place in your heart and life. What better way than to dress them in the most unique and beautiful outfits?
There's no doubt that your wedding day can be one of the most important moments in your life, but what you may not realize is that it also has special meaning for your mother. She's been with you since the beginning, through ups and downs, guiding you, nurturing you, and now finally watching her baby officially leave the nest. Let's say you want to make every moment meaningful to her too. What can you do to make this happen? Here are some quick tips to give you an idea:
Include her in all preparations. Make your mother feel more included in your closeness group by asking for her opinion and advice on all the little things. Ask her to help you choose your clothes, hairstyle, jewelry and ask her about your makeup. You will definitely need help in the dressing room, wedding dresses are not easy to put on or carry, and who better than the woman who dressed you as a child?
Specially arranged to take a photo with her. You may have hired a professional photographer for the ceremony, go a little further and get a solo shot with your mother! This will create a unique and memorable bonding moment that you can look back on and remember the past.
Get a gorgeous and elegant bridal gown. The bride's gown is chosen, fitted, and ready to wear, but what about the bride's mother? She should look as good as the mother of the bride, as anyone else. So while picking out a gown for yourself, look for something gorgeous and elegant for your mother as well. Things she likes, things that make her feel comfortable, and things that show how important she is to you.

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