Compared with the piston air compressor, the screw air compressor has more accessories: sensors, temperature control valves, filters, controllers, etc. The structure of the screw air compressor is more complicated than that of the piston air compressor, and the maintenance in the later period is also more complicated. more important. Of course, in the face of a high temperature environment, the operating status of the accessories also needs to be paid attention to: the normal operating temperature of the screw air compressor accessories is 75°C-95°C, and when it is higher than this temperature, it is a high temperature. Analyzing and judging the cause of the high temperature of the air compressor is the basis for solving the fault of the air compressor

Generally, the reasons for the high temperature of the screw air compressor are as follows:

One: The temperature sensor is out of order. The panel of the air compressor shows that the temperature is unstable, indicating that the temperature sensor is malfunctioning. Solution: replace the new temperature sensor.

Two: The temperature control valve is faulty. The function of the temperature control valve is to control the oil injection temperature of the main engine of the screw air compressor; it uses the temperature control element to control the opening degree of the valve core of the element according to the oil temperature, thereby controlling the amount of oil passing through the oil cooler, allowing the cold and hot oil to mix Finally, go to the main engine to control the fuel injection and exhaust temperature. Solution: Replace the temperature control valve core.

Three: The oil filter is clogged. The function of the oil filter is to filter the impurities in the lubricating oil and protect the main engine of the screw air compressor. If it is not replaced for a long time, or the operating environment is relatively harsh, the oil filter will be blocked, the flow rate of the oil circuit inside the compressor will be small, and the main engine cannot get enough lubricating oil for cooling in time, and high temperature will appear. Solution: replace the oil filter, or do a comprehensive oil circuit maintenance.

Four: The cooler is blocked. The cooler is also what we commonly call "radiating fins". The lubricating oil circulating inside the screw air compressor must be cooled by the cooler and then flow back to the compressor host. When the cooler is blocked, the lubricating oil of the air compressor cannot be cooled, which will cause The temperature remains high. Solution: Clean the cooler with dry compressed air, or disassemble it for cleaning if it cannot be cleaned.

Five: The controller of the screw air compressor is faulty. There is an alarm situation. If it is because of this reason that the high temperature is displayed on the panel of the air compressor. Solution: Replace with a new controller.

Six: Lack of lubricating oil. The lubricating oil of the screw air compressor not only has the function of lubricating and sealing, but also can cool the unit, so it is also called "coolant". When the machine lacks coolant, the heat generated by the air compressor cannot be cooled. The temperature will rise higher and higher, which is also one of the main factors causing the high temperature of the screw air compressor. Solution: add air compressor oil, if the high temperature is caused by the deterioration of lubricating oil, replace the air compressor lubricating oil.

The wear and replacement of accessories and regular maintenance are also one of the prerequisites for the normal operation of the air compressor, so regular maintenance should also be paid attention to during the daily work of the air compressor.

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