China Infusion Vacuum Pump suppliers Vacuum pump system for composites, It can not only discharge the bubbles in the resin and fiber impregnation process, increase the impregnation effect of the resin on the fiber, but also further improve the mechanical properties such as the strength and hardness of the composite vacuum diversion molding product. GSV-10GSV-100GSV-200 Main PumpFuji 10Atlas SV100BAtlas SV100B 2 Sets Rated Airflow10 m鲁/h100 m鲁/h200 m鲁/h Ultimate Pressure鈮?. 089mbar鈮?.5mbar鈮?.5mbar Nominal Motor Rating1.5KW2.2KW2.2KW*2 Powder supply220V 1-phase 1-wire380V 3-phase 4-wire380V 3-phase 4-wire Buffer Tank Capacity50L/90L500L/600L500L/600L Size0.65*0.28*0.66m1.5*0.76*1.25m1.8*0.9*1.4m Weight46KG220KG300KG Vacuum pump system equipment includes: vacuum pump body, air storage tank, air filter, external connection pipe modification, air connection copper valve, air pump master valve, power control box, vacuum gauge Precautions for booting: 1. Open the outer wooden box and carefully take out the vacuum pump equipment. It is forbidden to put the pump body upside down or tilted seriously during the removal process. 2. Check whether the pump body pipeline connection is loose. If there is any looseness, tighten it in time. Check whether the distribution box circuit is off. Please do not disassemble the circuit connection at will. 3. Before starting the machine, please ensure that the exhaust port of the pump body is in an open state, and each valve is in an open state. Open at least one of the 6 air distribution ports before the initial operation of the pump body to avoid excessive start-up load. Vacuum composite material:vacuum pump,vacuum bagging film,peel ply,release film,sealant tape,resin flow mesh,vacuum hose,quick connector,resin collector Q锛歐hat brand of pump do you use锛?/p> A锛欰tlas SV100B Q锛欻ow many kilowatts does the vacuum pump system use?锛?/p> A锛?.2KWChina Infusion Vacuum Pump suppliers website: