Blizzard is ready for the big re-launch of The Burning Crusade growth, following the huge achievement that become WoW Classic in 2019, but WOW Classic Boosting they may have a tough time getting lightning to strike two times.

Back at BlizzCon 2013, Blizzard president J Allen Brack infamously confident players “you think you do, however you don’t” when asked if they had ever taken into consideration vanilla servers for beyond variations.

Half a decade later Brack himself needed to eat the crow and rise up on-stage to announce WoW Classic, which as we all understand proved to be a big achievement. But, may want to his broadly-mocked claim have had a grain of fact to it?

Jumping lower back into Azeroth was like entering into a time machine for a few players, however whilst TBC Classic comes out on June 1, it might not have the identical magic to it, in part due to factors from Retail which are leaking over.