This is a fun Samurai Fire and Faith Build for Elden Ring! This includes Flaming Strike in addition to Frost too. This is a powerful build and setup you can use to cruise with the majority of bosses having a great quantity of versatility!


We're able to perform incantations too, why don't we see what some lightning does without even really changing our setup, the one thing we wound up using was the lightning tier along with the fire tier, we now have ancient dragon's lightning strike-up simply to see if we can mix it in here and find out how much it will, and they're dragons they take additional lightning damage, you will get the point here Faith wise this is pretty awesome, you are going to be able to perform a ton, you are going to have the above katanas, you'll fire, and frost you are going to have a substantial quantity of damage out of your main hand weapon without having to sacrifice many good ashes of war, and then you will be able to put on a bunch of incantations as well.

Fire & Frost

The flaming Strike does lots of damage too, it is a really good Ash of War, and it's a great pick for that Nagakiba, after which always having that fan and frost once we mentioned before is a huge benefit that will help you in battle, it's something that you could kind of double recorded on get those Frost procs, be in a position to beat up on whatever enemy you're fighting as long as you will get a frost proc in it which is the most of the bosses in the game after which fire damage is fairly universal too because lots of the demigods and staff have are neutral fire damage or lots of the enemies hanging around are weak to fireplace damage too, so it is a really good pick with a flaming strike to toss in there.

Burn, O Flame

But to conquer both these three Sentinels on the new game plus seven using only Burn, O Flame, we all do end up almost dying here, it might be a close battle, but we desired to show the versatility that faith has without even changing the equipment whatsoever and taking advantage of the same setup that people had for that katana the frost and fire Katana, it isn't the easiest thing to make use of Burn, O Flame on some moving targets, that you can do a lot having a main hand weapon that's powerful by itself after which mix in incantations.

Flaming Strike

We're likely to go at them with Flaming Strike to see just how much damage we can do, we're just going to make use of flaming Striker mainly concentrating on that for this clip here, to showcase the ash of War kind which we like a great deal we're going to toss in the frost around the offhand case we want to make use of that too.

elden ring runes

Equipment of Samurai Fire & Faith Build

Right Hand Armament 1: Flame Art Nagakiba+25

Left-Hand Armament 1: Gravel Stone Seal+25

Left Hand Armament 2: Cold Nagakiba+24

Head Armor: Land of Reeds Helm

Chest Armor: Radahn’s Lion Armor

Arms: Land of Reeds Gauntlets

Legs: Land of Reeds Greaves


Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

Shard of Alexander

Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

Fire Scorpion Charm


Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear

Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear

Buff with Golden Vow and Howl of Shabriri.

Attributes & Stats of Samurai Fire & Faith Build

Vigor: 50

Mind: 23

Endurance: 28

Strength: 18

Dexterity: 22

Intelligence: 9

Faith: 65

Arcane: 14

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