In Swords of Legends Online, you have a wide variety of different heroes with whom to experience both individual class stories, as well as the overarching narrative running through the game. At the start of the MMORPG you can choose from 6 different classes. Each of them has two specializations that you can switch between at any time outside of combat and free of charge:

The Reaper - A wraithlike warrior who melts into the shadows to turn the tide of battle


The sunlight never penetrates the depths of the abyss, home to the Reaper school’s subterranean temple complex.

The Reapers originally came from Heavenly Ridge, the place of pilgrimage for the followers of the great Goddess Nüwa. Some of them settled in Heavenly Ridge’s subterranean temple and served to guard the Grand Warlock. They were tasked with protecting the sacred objects left behind by Nüwa.

Berserker - A classic melee who can deal damage or refuel


The founder of the Berserker school was Qingya, who was originally a giant turquoise wolf. Master Lan Yaoqi guided him down the path to enlightenment, and on his travels he recruited many other warriors to follow him. These disciples continued his legacy, championing an extraordinary combat style, and the legendary tolerance for alcohol which makes them into true Berserkers.

The Spellsword - A righteous monk who employs arcane techniques to subdue and eliminate evil spirits


Together with Zhenren Chixia and the students from Taihua Temple, integrity and generosity found their way into the country. However following a series of unexplained incidents and increasing differences between the students, there was a schism leading some of them to leave the temple. Those who stayed became the first Spellswords

Bard - A class with a stringed instrument that can cause damage or heal


The students of Zhenren Chixia who obliterated the demons gradually transformed Taihua Mountain into a peaceful paradise. Nevertheless, ill fortune befell one of the students, who in turn accused his fellow student Heshuo of intrigue. After a series of arguments, Heshuo eventually left Taihua Mountain, vowing to find the real culprit. Those students who left with Heshuo became the first Bards.

Summoner - A ranged damage dealer who can also heal in the second path


In ancient times, the great Goddess Nüwa guided numerous clans into the underworld, but the Lao clan from Heavenly Ridge was ordered to stay in the upper world and promulgate Nüwa’s benevolence. Heavenly Ridge became a place of pilgrimage, and the priests of the Lao clan, who stay on the surface and welcome the faithful, are known as the Summoners.

Spearmaster - A melee fighter who can act as a damage dealer or tank


Like Qingya, the founder of the Spearmaster school was also a student of Lan Yaoqi. She went by the name of Yuejiang, and attracting a group of followers, taught them her secret abilities and martial arts. She trained them to become invincible masters, and soon there was no one who could oppose them.

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