Are essays a refined form of Torture? Or a simple tool testing combination of facts and figures? An essay laid on the logical sequences comprises both the content i.e what is said and in which way it is being said. An essay is a simple document that follows stylistic conventions, strategies and certain rules, all of which are necessary can be mastered and learnt. 

 For assuring readers get convinced, it is important to add adequate information that follows up legal sequence whose flexibility should be higher. Once Willian Shakespeare said, the pen is mightier than the sword – the inspiration behind a good essay structure comes from promptly dissection of sources, brainstorming ideas and impeccably sourcing those ideas. 

Essay writing can be asked at any level of an academic career. A good essay should begin with a hook be it a quote or analogy or even a question. Once you guide the readers on what will be going to discuss in the whole write that essay, the next paragraph or body content should contain the main idea or background information at last understand the main claim you actually want to put forward. A proper paragraph or an essay not only helps in achieving unity and coherence but also helps in enhancing readers understanding. A well-versed statement in the conclusion helps to maintain unity throughout the essay. There are infinite amazing facts yet waiting to be explored which we discuss in the given section.

Essay Writing Workbook

An essay is a written document usually written to convince readers or just simply inform readers about a particular topic or about an issue. A contemporary academic essay is quite a different form of essay Bacon writes in the seventeen century. In most cases, whether it is a long or short essay there is a link between the form of style and content. There are several key points made further are dialectic links mainly opposing the argument. This can be inferred from the derivation, an essay should be subjected to employing appropriate strategies of expression be it introducing the different aspects of claims or tally up evidence to support a certain argument. In terms of dissertation or thesis writing, however, it is essential to have 4-5 paragraphs not to overwhelm the readers but always provide the exact information needed to express the effectiveness of the claim. 

Essay Structure


  • An introduction should be enough capable to grab readers attention at least ones make the essay interesting can begin with a quote
  • An intro moves from general to specific nexus to topics
  • According to essay helpersintroduction should provide the readers with a road map of what going to be a debate or thrash out
  • Introduction information has to be general enough to catch readers attention gradually become more specific when leading to the thesis statement
  • A thesis statement must provide the insight and directed the aim

Body Content-

  • An essay body must be enough capable to support the ideas presented in the thesis
  • A paragraph should have topic sentence that discusses and correlates the thesis statement
  • The three logical ordering of ideas followed within the essay-

Chronological Order– it is good for narrative, align order or timely happened events

Spatial Order– Good for describing the location mainly top to bottom

Emphatic Order– Suspects the least important thing to most important, usually applicable to college writing (Turmundi, 2019)

  • There have been transition sentences maintaining the flow of the essay. A transition can be either one or two words or even a sentence bring reader attention to the next point 
  • Anyone should pay attention to the affix the substantial example and evidence backing up the authors claim. Always cite everything you have written otherwise you may confront Plagiarism issues. On average 40% of students faces problems and got lower marks due to not acknowledging the real consequences of it. Take write my essayguide delivered by SourceEssay.
  • Every example has to be relevant to the study particular if you are given to an analytical and argumentative essay




  • The conclusion brings all the points and subpoints together
  • It refers again to the thesis statement giving readers a sense of closure of resolving doubts
  • It may have argument implication
  • Ensuring readers are left with a thought forces them to rethink the issues especially if it is an argumentative essay
  • Don’t include any ideas that have not been discussed earlier in the essay. 

Essay Structure

Introduction(10% of total word count)

Define Important termsGeneralize the topicList Main Argument CoveredAddress Central ArgumentProvide Thesis Statement

Body(80% of the Total word Count)

Paragraph 1   Topic sentenceEvident InformationEvaluationClosing Statements     Transition Statements (Link)     Paragraph 2-   Topic SentenceEvidence and factsEvaluation Closing Statement   Transition Statement (Link)   Paragraph 2-   Topic SentenceEvidence supporting claimEvaluation Closing Statement    

Conclusion (10% of the total word count)

  Restating Thesis StatementSummarizing main point coveredAdding final Thought  

Distinguishing Topic Sentence and Supporting Details

Topic Sentence- The main purpose of the topic sentence showing how the ideas are related to the thesis statement. It should state the points a writer wishes to make about the subject that generally appears at the beginning of the subject however depending upon the individual organization expectation and audience, can be relocated (Grey, 2014). A topic sentence expresses overall purpose considering the opinion’s author wants to deliver to the readers. For instance

First of all, it is notable to say noise pollution could pose a possible threat to old citizens well being. Due to high pitch and disturbing noise, old citizens and child faces problems to fall asleep. And lack of sound sleep leads to disturbed day cycle would affect the health. Prolonged exposure to noise pollution even causes insomnia, people under the threat of high noise pollution facing anxiety, irritability gravitates the mental stress for a long time

Supporting Details- Supporting details are the core components of the thesis statement and topic sentences. It should be drawn from numerous and credible sources that will be determined in the assignment guidelines. Further, it includes the authors own analysis, Opinion, personal experiences, research studies, interviews, statistics and facts. 

Supporting details mainly provides clarity, explain the main idea, also demonstrate the validity of the idea. There are two types of supporting details used by different essay helpers

Major Detail

Minor Detail

Make a clear picture on the main idea

Explains the major detail

More specific in comparison to main idea

More specific than major detail

It provides statistics, facts and figures helping the main idea to be convinced

Add colourful detains to the major ideas

Answering the main ideas rationalized in the research question

It may or may not be important to support the claims

Example- Since 2002, Dhaka, Beijing and many African countries are seeing the increased infant mortality rate though the government is trying to control the IMR through United national coalitionand National Programme

Major Details- IMR is higher in Dhaka, Beijing and African countries   Minor details- IMR is controlled through United national coalition and National programme

Key To Attractive Write That Essay- Unity And Coherence

Proper essays could be achieved only when it is accompanied with unity and coherence that helps in enhancing reader’s understanding. Unity and Coherence could be achieved only when students know the exact requirements of essay writing but before that let’s know what does it mean by Unity and Coherence

Unity- Unity is referred to as continuity of ideas or Thesis statement. Each statement and claim should be developed logically referring to original ideas every time transition takes place(Sahan,2019).

Coherence- Coherence determines the linkage of the points to help the essay progress logically. An easy way to link the paragraph is by linking the statement using transition words. You can also seek assistance from my assignment help experts of SourceEssay in case you have any confusion 

Essay writing- Do’s and Don’ts

Essay Aspects




Considering all the aspects of essay

Showing biasness and adhering only single view points

Essay integrity

Using thesis statement to direct the readers

Jumping to the ideas when contextualize the main point


Clarifying the issues what will be covered and what should issuewill not cover

Avoid adding conflicts statements


Using old and new research material showing preference to the peer reviewed papers, giving importance to a great understanding of the sources

Using out dated information internet sources having problematic sources, showing no understanding to the source synthesis


Always citing resources legitimately, using quotes with appropriate introductory texts, if quoting add number of pages, and always trying to add plagiarism

Providing false impression to the selected resources, inserting quotes anywhere in the text without acknowledging authors work, if quoting not providing the quotation leading plagiarism(Eunson and Baden, 2012)

Original Thought

Simply demonstrating the original idea

Not giving importance to view points of others and never stating own idea


Using appropriate academic and conventional style, avoiding padding and waffle

Using slang, waffle and sarcasm to increase the word count


Using appropriate and college guided referencing by using footnotes, endnotes, or referencing system including Harvard, APA, Chicago, Vancouver, IEEE

Mixing up referencing including different citing details, listing references not in alphabetical order don’t doing intext citation and always putting them into bibliography


Using simple and clear essay layout, including stats, facts and figure where appropriate

Adopting cluttered arguments, omit graphic where it is not needed or using inconsistent graphics

Match Your Audience Requirement- Use Academic And Workplace Writing

Being a student, you don’t need to be always asked to write essays in managing student role, sometimes the setting will be changed to workplace essay writing. For instance, the writing style used to formulate memos, letters, report, proposal are quite different from academic writing. In the given figure, online assignment help experts have clearly defined the difference between these writing styles-


Academic Style

Workplace Style


Heavenly using the Latin derived words

Strongly using shorter words, Anglo-Saxon derived words

Technical language

Often strong, usually used to simplified the process. Technical Jargons are critically avoided

Words are used to simply the process,


Usage of Passive voice is higher

Active voice uses in significant amount


Readability score generally higher more than 12 +online

Readability score generally lower than +8


Used substantially

Moderate or low use


No or little use of lists and bullets, long paragraph

Shorter paragraph, highly use of short paragraph


Extensively used

Low used even in somewhere in the paragraph. Not required much citation

At times, majority of the companies complains, fresher used to write long paragraph  essayor paper. Whatever role you are performing, always make sure you are matching the requirements of audience. In case you want to know more about the workplace documents writing structure, take essay writing help from SourceEssay team anytime.


Currently, the essay is the heart of the academic world. Criteria of this genre have been identified through how a student maintain unity and coherency. All the essay aspirants want to achieve the highest grades, but sometimes fail to do so, because they don’t adhere to the actual essay guidelines or sometimes produce a lengthy essay without appropriately using transition words. So to make sure you are producing an effective essay, always ensure the introduction are general enough to catch readers attention gradually become more specific when leading to the thesis statement. Similarly, the body paragraph should have a topic sentence that discusses and correlates the thesis statement, and the conclusion must assure readers are left with a thought that forces them to rethink the issues especially if it is an argumentative essay. But when it comes to referencing, mixing up referencing including different citing details, listing references, not in alphabetical order or don’t do intext citation even always putting them into bibliography led distorted essays, henceforth keep the entire points kept in mind before beginning with essay writing.

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