The Divine Ingenuity special event has made a return in Genshin Impact, providing players with an opportunity to easily earn some of the more challenging achievements in the game. Genshin Impact's gameplay revolves around elemental reactions, and the release of the Dendro element has shifted the meta towards Bloom and Vaporize setups. Characters like Nilou, Alhaitham, Nahida, and the upcoming Fontaine characters have had a significant impact on the way players approach endgame content.

The Divine Ingenuity event allows players to create their own Domains, where they can customize layouts, enemies, and obstacles. These custom Domains can then be shared with the Genshin Impact community through unique IDs. By utilizing the Domain builder in Divine Ingenuity, players can design the perfect enemy roster to easily trigger elemental reactions and complete the various achievements related to elemental reactions. Slimes are often used as the main enemy type in these Domains due to their innate elemental properties.

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Players can find guides and Domain IDs shared by other players on platforms like the Genshin Impact subreddit. These guides provide strategies for earning each individual achievement using the custom Domains, but players are also encouraged to create their own Domains if needed. The return of Divine Ingenuity has been well-received by the community, especially since some fans were hoping for more traditional content in Version 3.7.

The Divine Ingenuity event will run until June 29, giving players ample time to complete their achievements and challenge their friends' Domains. Version 3.8 of Genshin Impact is expected to launch in mid-July and will feature a temporary zone with Klee and Eula as the main protagonists of the flagship event.

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