Variable Speed Drive (VSD) air compressors save energy by automatically adjusting motor speed to match compressed air production to demand. Standard VSD compressors do this by utilizing an induction motor coupled to a rotating screw host via gears. This is a traditional approach, but Atlas Copco never stops innovating. The VSD+ series of air compressors incorporates its own technology that takes energy efficiency and performance to a higher level.

The VSD+ compressor is a revolutionary design developed by Atlas Copco itself, featuring an Internal Permanent Magnet (iPM) motor. The iPM motor shares a rotor with the unit's asymmetrical compressor main element, so the new design uses a direct drive for greater energy efficiency. The entire VSD+ drive train is a closed circuit, and both the motor and the main engine are oil-cooled, which further reduces energy consumption. There are no couplings or gears between the motor and the screw host, and the VSD+ compressor operates extremely quietly.

The VSD+ air compressor adopts a professionally designed pulse valve, which can completely seal the host during shutdown. This prevents compressed air from escaping, eliminating bleed losses. Additionally, maintaining pressure in this manner reduces the energy required to restart the compressor, avoiding power spikes.

atlas copco vsd+ compressor

What are the advantages of VSD+?

High Energy Efficiency - The iPM motor saves an average of 50% energy compared to a fixed-speed air compressor that idles for long periods of time.

Smaller Footprint - The unique vertical design concept of the VSD+ machine reduces the system footprint by approximately 60%.

Improved Air Displacement - A significant 6% increase in FAD further improves the efficiency and performance of the VSD+.

Less Noise - The VSD+ machine features an innovative cooling fan that produces only 73 dB(A) of noise during operation. This allows the air compressor to be installed on the factory floor instead of in a separate machine room.

Ease of Service - VSD+ machines feature easily accessible parts, maintenance-free pulse drives and electronic blowdown.

Durable - During the R&D process, Atlas Copco engineers strived to refine each VSD+ component to ensure that it is robust and durable, minimizing maintenance downtime.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership - Approximately 37% less total lifecycle cost compared to a VSD machine of the same size.

Flexibility - VSD+ technology is available on a variety of Atlas Copco GA models.

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