Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 now presents a captivating and time-limited addition to its arsenal: the exquisite Light Cone known as "Before The Tutorial Mission Starts." As Version 1.1 graces us with its presence, players are immersed in a world of fresh activities and enriching content within the turn-based RPG crafted by HoYoverse. "Before The Tutorial Mission Starts" is a 4-star masterpiece designed specifically for adherents of the Path of the Nihility, serving as one of Silver Wolf's distinguished weapons. The weapon's artwork showcases the illustrious Silver Wolf herself, accompanied by endearing replicas of Owlbert.

While the free Light Cone from Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 can be wielded by any hero following the Path of the Nihility, it finds its true harmony with a select few characters. The base HP, ATK, and DEF stats are accessible to any character utilizing the equipment, but its Superimposition skill, which bestows supplementary effects, hinges upon the operational techniques of specific heroes. There are characters who lack the ability to inflict the specific ailments that activate the effects of "Before The Tutorial Mission Starts," rendering the Light Cone's potential tragically futile. One such character is Honkai: Star Rail's Welt.

To grasp the ideal candidates for equipping "Before The Tutorial Mission Starts" in Honkai: Star Rail, players must delve into the mechanics of this remarkable free Light Cone. With its medium-ranged base ATK (reaching 476 at level 80), this equipment finds a perfect home among sub-DPS characters in a Honkai: Star Rail team composition. The true gem of this weapon, particularly for a F2P (free-to-play) Light Cone, lies in its Superimposition skill named "Quick On The Draw." This skill elevates the user's Effect Hit Rate by a remarkable 20%, and with full Superimposition upgrading, this value skyrockets to an astonishing 40%.

Please note: Ascending "Before The Tutorial Mission Starts" to its maximum Superimposition level is a straightforward endeavor, as the Light Cone's Superimposition materials are conveniently available for free in the Starhunt Game event featured in Version 1.1.

Moreover, whenever the wielder strikes opponents with diminished DEF, they regain 4 Energy. Upon reaching the pinnacle of Superimposition, this Energy regeneration is doubled, resulting in 8 Energy restoration. Consequently, "Before The Tutorial Mission Starts" in Honkai: Star Rail proves highly advantageous for characters and team compositions that possess the ability to weaken their adversaries' DEF. Characters of the Path of the Nihility often possess this capability. However, not all heroes fall under this category, like Welt. Although this 5-star character excels at debuffing, the effects are typically centered around SPD rather than DEF.

Now let us unveil the crème de la crème of characters to whom "Before The Tutorial Mission Starts" Light Cone in Honkai: Star Rail bestows its full glory. The recipients of this prestigious weapon are none other than those who walk the Path of the Nihility and possess the power to inflict DEF debuffs upon their foes. As this free Light Cone from Version 1.1 is none other than Silver Wolf's very own signature weapon, it resonates flawlessly with her essence. At present, she stands as the prime candidate for wielding this coveted artifact. Silver Wolf's inherent Talent possesses a chance to reduce the target's DEF by 4% for three turns whenever she launches an assault, a perfect complement to the Superimposition skill of the Light Cone.

In addition to Silver Wolf, Pela also boasts the aptitude to wield "Before The Tutorial Mission Starts" with utmost finesse. Through her Technique, Pela initiates battles in Honkai: Star Rail, bestowing her with a 100% base chance of reducing the DEF stat of all opponents by 20% for two turns. This strategic maneuver serves as an exceptional foundation for engaging enemies while capitalizing on the Light Cone's Energy Regeneration attribute during the initial stages. Moreover, it harmonizes seamlessly with Pela's focus on Energy Regeneration, allowing her to maintain her Ultimate ability. Coincidentally, Pela's Ultimate carries a 100% base chance of afflicting all enemies with the Exposed debuff, leading to a 30% reduction in their DEF for two turns.

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A word of advice: Pela's skill set aligns remarkably well with the capabilities of "Before The Tutorial Mission Starts." She possesses effective means of inflicting DEF debuffs upon her adversaries and can fully exploit the Light Cone's Energy Regeneration attribute, which she can also augment through her passive Talent.

Though Welt and Sampo may not possess the inherent ability to directly inflict DEF debuffs upon their opponents, they may still find a way to capitalize on the Superimposition skill of "Before The Tutorial Mission Starts" in Honkai: Star Rail by joining forces with a teammate capable of doing so. While assembling a team comprising two Nihility characters may seem unorthodox, it is a viable strategy. This approach necessitates careful cultivation of Welt or Sampo as primary DPS characters, with Silver Wolf or Pela serving as the sub-DPS responsible for inflicting DEF debuffs. It may appear unconventional and imperfect, yet it remains a valid option.

Please note: Neither Kafka nor Luka, the Nihility characters slated to arrive with Honkai: Star Rail 1.2, are anticipated to possess DEF debuffing abilities, thus rendering them unsuitable candidates for wielding "Before The Tutorial Mission Starts."

Now, let us explore the path to acquiring the illustrious Light Cone known as "Before The Tutorial Mission Starts" in Honkai: Star Rail.

This exceptional 4-star Light Cone is exclusively attainable through the Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 event called Starhunt Game. By immersing themselves in the event's captivating Story Mode and diligently collecting all eight required graffiti in Herta Space Station, players unlock the Light Cone as a reward, completely free of charge. It is imperative to seize this opportunity before the event concludes on June 19. The same applies to the acquisition of its Superimposition materials, aptly named Lil' Twisty Bubble Gum. Engaging in the event's activities will grant players access to all four copies of this coveted item.

While "Before The Tutorial Mission Starts" may not suit every Nihility character in Honkai: Star Rail, it undeniably shines when wielded by the likes of Silver Wolf and Pela. Superior options may exist for both characters, yet this free 4-star Light Cone from Version 1.1 serves as a remarkable substitute—an exceptional gem that is easily attainable and can be maximized effortlessly. As Honkai: Star Rail evolves and new characters grace the game, perhaps a future hero of the Nihility will also find solace in harnessing the skill bestowed by this invaluable, complimentary Light Cone.

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