Sometimes customers sent us such request that can you make the different shapes and sizes metal domes on a dome array? Because in the market, most of metal domes on a dome array are with same shape and same specifications, and rarely assembled with different shapes. So can metal domes with different specifications on a dome array?

The answer is YES, different shapes (four legs, triangle, round and oblong dome) and diameters of metal dome can be done on a dome array in Best Technology. Although the process will be a little bit complex, we could do in accordance with the customer’s request. Do you know why customer ask for such a dome array? Or what advantages we can get if use such dome array? Herein, we will explain for you, welcome to keep reading.

Why need a dome array with different size and shapes?

Generally, all the dome arrays are with same size and shapes. However, there are some special situations that customers need to use different specifications metal dome on a dome array, for example:

1. It may be the design problem of the customer’s circuit board, so a special dome array is needed to make the board work properly.

2. Different keys have different requirements in their end-applications, only using different domes could meet the requests. For instance, some keys require higher force, some keys require good click feeling.

3. The size of the keys is different, so we have to use different diameters of the metal domes, such dome arrays in keypad.

 Advantages of Using Different Shapes and Sizes

By incorporating metal domes with different shapes and sizes into dome arrays, there are several advantages we can obtain from it.

  • Improved User Experience

By using metal domes of varying shapes and sizes, designers can create dome arrays that offer unique tactile experiences. This can enhance user satisfaction and make the interface more engaging.

  • Design Flexibility

Different shapes and sizes of metal domes provide designers with increased flexibility in creating aesthetically pleasing and functional dome arrays. The ability to customize the shape allows for greater design freedom, enabling unique and visually appealing interfaces.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics

Custom-shaped metal domes can add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the overall design of the device. They can contribute to the visual appeal of the interface and create a more premium look and feel. 

Considerations for Different Shapes and Sizes

While incorporating metal domes with different shapes and sizes into dome arrays offers design versatility, there are few factors need to be considered:

  • Functionality

The chosen shape and size of metal domes should align with the intended functionality of the device. The tactile feedback and actuation force should meet the desired user experience and operational requirements.

  • Actuation Force

Different shapes and sizes of metal domes will influence the actuation force required to trigger the switch. Designers need to ensure that the actuation force remains within acceptable ranges for the intended application.

  • Tactile Feedback

The shape and size of metal domes directly impact the tactile feedback experienced by the user. Designers should consider the desired tactile sensation and choose the appropriate domes accordingly.

Although this kind of metal dome array can be made, the process of making is a little bit complicated. It needs to make two or more laminate (assembly) fixtures and assemble them twice or more based on the dome types. So, the assembly time is twice or more as much as that of a single shape and specification, hence the price will also be higher. It is recommended if there is no special requirement, it is better to use the metal domes with the same shape and size.

Or, you can find an experienced metal dome & dome array supplier that can supply high-quality products. Best Technology has a dynamic R&D team, an experienced engineering team and excellent management personnel with 20 years of experience. We are so confident that we can provide you best product and satisfied service!!!