Welcome to the New World Furnishing Guide, where we'll explore the exciting world of home decoration in the game. As an adventurer in the vast land of Aeternum, it may seem unnecessary to focus on furnishing your home. However, leveling your Furnishing skill not only allows you to personalize your three houses but also offers practical benefits that enhance your gameplay experience. From increased storage space to powerful buffs, let's dive into the art of furnishing and discover efficient methods to level up your skills quickly.

Why Level Furnishing in New World?

Furnishing may initially appear to be a leisurely pursuit, but there are significant reasons why investing in this skill is worthwhile. In addition to the joy of owning a beautifully decorated virtual home, furnishing offers tangible advantages for New World explorers.

Storage Items

Crafting storage items, such as chests, provides additional storage space for your ever-growing collection of resources. New World players are well aware of the abundance of materials like stone, fibers, wood, and solvents. Despite personal inventory and storage sheds in settlements, storage space can become scarce. By strategically placing storage items in your homes, you can alleviate this issue and efficiently manage your resources.


Furnishing allows you to create trophies that offer in-game buffs based on the region in which your house is located. These buffs can range from bonuses to mining skills to increased damage against animals or corrupted enemies. Don't underestimate the power of trophies, as they can greatly enhance your combat and resource gathering capabilities.

Efficient Methods to Level Furnishing

Crafting Basic Furnishing Items (No Schematics):

Gather Resources

Begin by collecting essential resources such as wood, stone, fibers, and solvent. You can acquire these materials through exploration or by purchasing them from the trading post.

Choose a Suitable Workshop

Locate a workshop in a settlement that possesses a high enough tier to craft the desired items. Higher-tier workshops offer access to more advanced furnishing recipes.

Craft Basic Furnishing Items

Utilize the gathered resources at the workshop to create basic furnishing items, including chairs, tables, shelves, and rugs. Aim to craft as many items as possible to maximize your experience gains.

Manage Excess Items

If you have surplus crafted items, consider salvaging them for materials or selling them through the trading post to earn additional coin.

Repeat the Process

Continuously craft, salvage, or sell items to accumulate experience and level up your Furnishing skill. With each level gained, you unlock access to more intricate and advanced furnishing recipes.

Obtaining and Crafting Schematic Items

Find Schematics

Schematics are crucial for crafting specific advanced furnishing items. These valuable blueprints can be acquired as loot in the world or obtained by completing quests or participating in faction activities. Engage in exploration, battle powerful enemies, and actively participate in faction endeavors to increase your chances of finding schematics.

Learn and Craft Schematics

Upon obtaining a schematic, navigate to the crafting menu and locate the Furnishing section. Select "Learn Schematic" to unlock the associated recipe. Gather the required materials, as specified in the schematic, and craft the desired items.

Mastering the Art of Furnishing

By following these efficient leveling methods, you'll soon become a master of furnishing in New World. Whether you seek practical benefits or the joy of personalization, the Furnishing skill offers a rewarding experience. Embrace your role as a home decorator and enjoy the perks that come with transforming your virtual abode.


Now that you understand the significance of Furnishing in New World, embark on your journey to become a skilled home decorator. Enhance your storage capabilities and elevate your gameplay with powerful buffs through the art of Furnishing in New World. Whether you're a resource hoarder or a combat enthusiast, investing in your Furnishing skill will prove invaluable on your adventures. From crafting storage items to displaying trophies, your virtual home will become a sanctuary of both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Playing New World requires more Gold support. If you don't have enough time to devote to the game, you can go to rpgstash.com to Buy New World Gold to save more time.