Lost Ark is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that was released in Korea and Russia, and became available in North America, Europe, Latin America, and Oceania on February 11, 2022. The game features a vast open world, dynamic combat, diverse classes, and stunning graphics. One of the most exciting aspects of Lost Ark is its dungeons and bosses, which offer players a variety of challenges and rewards.

In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about Lost Ark dungeons and bosses, including:

  • What are dungeons and bosses in Lost Ark?
  • What are the types of dungeons in Lost Ark?
  • What are the most challenging and rewarding dungeons and bosses in Lost Ark?
  • How to access, prepare, and succeed in dungeons and bosses in Lost Ark?

What are Dungeons and Bosses in Lost Ark?

Dungeons are instanced-based fights where a single player or a group of players can enter together to complete for rewards. Dungeons give players a different and unique episode to progress through, and can even be part of the story. Players can participate in the end game dungeons like Chaos Dungeons and Abyss Dungeons as well as other normal dungeons.

Bosses are powerful enemies that appear at the end of dungeons or in the open world. Bosses have their own skills, patterns, and mechanics that require players to learn and adapt to. Defeating bosses can grant players valuable loot, such as gear, materials, engravings, cards, and more.

What are the Types of Dungeons in Lost Ark?

There are two main types of dungeons in Lost Ark: Chaos Dungeons and Abyss Dungeons.

Chaos Dungeons

Chaos Dungeons are dungeons that consist of defeating waves of enemies in an arena to increase the dungeon progress, with the goal to reach 100% dungeon progress and jump to the next stage of the dungeon until you complete all dungeon stages. Chaos Dungeons can be played solo or with a party, and the dungeon difficulty will scale up according to the number of players running it.

Chaos Dungeons are not available until you finish the main quests in Vern, after completing the Queen's Request you will automatically start a quest chain that unlocks Chaos Dungeons. Completing Chaos Dungeons is the best way to increase the item level of your gear.

Chaos Dungeons have an entry level requirement of level 50 for your character. Players can only run 2 Chaos Dungeons a day for full rewards with additional runs without Aura of Resonance giving less rewards.

Abyss Dungeons

Abyss Dungeons are dungeons that have to be done with the specified number of players, it cannot be done solo. Abyss Dungeons are linear dungeons that players have to fight through and complete, featuring new bosses with new mechanics for players to learn and work together to beat. Many boss mechanics require players to work together to overcome, failing to do so extending the fight or even causing a party wipe.

Abyss Dungeon content is unlocked by following the blue questline through, having character level 50 and the corresponding item levels that each dungeon requires. Each Abyss Dungeon can only be run 3 times a week so players should do their best to learn and coordinate their efforts for the tough fights ahead of them.

What are the Most Challenging and Rewarding Dungeons and Bosses in Lost Ark?

Some dungeons are more challenging than others, requiring more skill, strategy, and teamwork to complete. Some dungeons also offer more rewards than others, such as better gear, more currency, or rare items. Here are some of the most challenging and rewarding dungeons and bosses in Lost Ark:

The Most Challenging Dungeons and Bosses in Lost Ark

  • Argos: Argos is the final boss of Abyss Dungeon 1: The Tower of Shadow. Argos is a giant dragon that has three phases, each with different attacks and mechanics. Argos can deal massive damage with his breath attacks, tail swipes, fireballs, meteors, lasers, and more. Players have to dodge his attacks, break his shield, avoid his traps, and use environmental objects to survive.
  • Labyrinth: Labyrinth is a special dungeon that can be accessed by using Labyrinth Keys that drop from Chaos Dungeons or Guardian Raids. Labyrinth is a randomly generated dungeon that has 10 floors, each with different enemies, traps, puzzles, mini-bosses, and buffs. Labyrinth is very difficult because it has a time limit of 30 minutes, limited healing items, and unpredictable challenges. Players have to clear each floor as fast as possible while collecting buffs and avoiding dangers.
  • Guardian Raids: Guardian Raids are raids that can be accessed by using Guardian's Essence that drop from Chaos Dungeons or Abyss Dungeons. Guardian Raids are fights against powerful bosses that have unique mechanics and phases. Guardian Raids can be done with up to 16 players depending on the difficulty level. Guardian Raids are very challenging because they require coordination, communication, and skill to defeat the bosses.

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The Most Rewarding Dungeons and Bosses in Lost Ark

  • Abyss Dungeons: Abyss Dungeons drop many rewards that are important to character progression, such as Abyssal Gear and currency. Abyssal Gear is the best gear in the game, and can be crafted by using currency that drop from Abyss Dungeons, such as Guardian’s Will, Artisan’s Faith, Elemental’s Fury, and Knight’s Oath. Abyss Dungeons also drop accessories that are guaranteed to have one of your classes engravings on them, as well as battle and class engravings, ability stones, card packs, honing materials, and more.
  • Chaos Dungeons: Chaos Dungeons drop Chaos Gear and currency. Chaos Gear is the second best gear in the game, and can be upgraded by using currency that drop from Chaos Dungeons, such as Chaos Essence and Chaos Crystal. Chaos Dungeons also drop treasure maps that lead to secret dungeons with rare loot, as well as engravings, cards, materials, and more.
  • Guardian Raids: Guardian Raids drop Guardian Gear and currency. Guardian Gear is the third best gear in the game, and can be upgraded by using currency that drop from Guardian Raids, such as Guardian's Essence and Guardian's Crystal. Guardian Raids also drop engravings, cards, materials, and more.

How to Access, Prepare, and Succeed in Dungeons and Bosses in Lost Ark?

To access dungeons and bosses in Lost Ark, you need to meet the level and item level requirements for each dungeon. You can check the requirements by opening the dungeon menu (F5) or by visiting the dungeon entrance in each city. You also need to have enough Aura of Resonance or dungeon keys to enter the dungeons.

To prepare for dungeons and bosses in Lost Ark, you need to equip the best gear you can get for your character. You also need to optimize your gear by enhancing it, honing it, engraving it, socketing it, and refining it. You also need to choose the best skills and abilities for your class and build. You can check out our class guides for more details on how to build your character.

To succeed in dungeons and bosses in Lost Ark, you need to learn the mechanics and patterns of each dungeon and boss. You can watch videos or read guides online to get familiar with the dungeons and bosses before you enter them. You also need to practice your combat skills and techniques, such as dodging, blocking, positioning, timing, comboing, and using your skills effectively. You also need to communicate and cooperate with your team members if you are playing in a party.


We hope this guide has helped you understand more about Lost Ark dungeons and bosses. Dungeons and bosses are one of the most fun and rewarding aspects of Lost Ark, so we encourage you to try them out and enjoy them.

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