Herta, a character of remarkable intellect and enigmatic nature in the realm of Honkai Star: Rail, truly shines as a sub-DPS role due to her formidable arsenal, which allows her to unleash devastating area-of-effect damage as part of a well-rounded team composition. The captivating fluidity of her follow-up attacks has garnered the admiration of the game's community, for they are accompanied by enchanting animations and resounding voice acting in the JP version. Consequently, countless players yearn to immerse themselves in the thrilling experience of commanding Herta on the battlefield, particularly considering her status as a free-to-play character, obtainable along with her Eidolons through the conquest of specific stages within the Simulated Universe.

Elemental Weaknesses and Strengths

In the captivating realm of Honkai: Star Rail, the elemental weaknesses of adversaries assume a pivotal role in determining the suitability of characters for specific encounters. Herta, as an embodiment of the chilling Ice element, presents a tantalizing prospect for players, particularly those bereft of characters such as Yanqing and Pela. While Herta's prowess may not rival that of an Erudition virtuoso like Jing Yuan in terms of sheer destructive power, her versatility and accessibility make her an invaluable asset across a range of situations.

Herta's Team Compositions

Typically, as a sub-DPS luminary, Herta seamlessly integrates into a myriad of team compositions without necessitating an entire ensemble built solely to complement her abilities. Nevertheless, unearthing characters capable of synergizing harmoniously with her remarkable utility can prove to be remarkably advantageous, especially when players must relinquish an additional support character to accommodate Herta's inclusion. An exemplary team composition for Herta would encompass a primary DPS protagonist, be it one with unyielding single-target focus or a relentless purveyor of area-of-effect devastation, as well as a benevolent healer or a tenacious guardian. Additionally, another offensive or defensive support, tailored to the unique demands of the encounter at hand, would complete the ensemble with finesse.

Moreover, Herta's penchant for launching enthralling follow-up attacks, particularly within the Simulated Universe, aligns harmoniously with DPS characters who possess the capacity for relentless onslaughts, such as the indomitable Himeko, the venerable Jing Yuan, or the formidable Clara. The amalgamation of Herta's prodigious abilities and the Elation path, with its accompanying amplifications, results in an exhilarating symphony of might and merriment. This synergy reaches its zenith when players venture forth into the Simulated Universe and explore a team composition teeming with the chilling allure of ice, fortified by the bountiful blessings of Remembrance. By uniting Herta with illustrious comrades like Yanqing, Pela, and Gepard, players bear witness to an exquisite tapestry of gameplay, wherein adversaries are ensnared in an unending frosty embrace, perpetually succumbing to grievous perils with each passing turn. While this composition may prove less efficacious in alternate realms, it behooves us to illuminate a selection of team compositions that gracefully accommodate the inclusion of Herta:

All-Around Free-To-Play Ensemble

As a character freely available to all, Herta seamlessly integrates into strictly F2P teams, inviting players to savor the captivating challenge that accompanies such a choice.

  • Primary DPS: Serval
  • Sub-DPS: Herta
  • Defensive Support: March 7th / Fire Trailblazer
  • Healer: Natasha

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Fortuitously, players boast a profusion of F2P characters and radiant orbs that exude suitability across a panoply of situations, permitting them to traverse the vast expanse of the game's intricacies without relying solely on the whims of gacha pulls. In this instance, Serval assumes the mantle of a preeminent DPS, her incandescent might engendering formidable damage modifiers. Not only does Serval lay waste to hordes with her resplendent area-of-effect prowess, but she also inflicts a pernicious Shock DoT upon her adversaries, thereby compensating for the absence of an offensive support character proficient in empowering the team or debilitating their foes. Furthermore, the ethereal harmonies between March 7th and Herta intertwine seamlessly, as both are capable of launching captivating follow-up attacks, thereby augmenting the overall damage output of the team.

Alternatively, one might consider the fiery prowess of the Fire Trailblazer in lieu of March 7th. This affords the team a broader spectrum of elemental coverage, a boon particularly valuable when confronted with adversaries boasting a smorgasbord of weakness types. Furthermore, Fire Trailblazer contributes to the ebb and flow of area-of-effect destruction without overreliance on finite skill points. While this particular team composition may prove somewhat unsuitable for encounters that necessitate a swift conclusion within a finite number of turns, such as the Forgotten Hall, it remains an efficacious alternative in other content, rendering concerns of the team's vulnerability fleeting. Admittedly, triumph may take slightly longer to grasp compared to teams brimming with unadulterated potency and formidable buffs.

Speedy Farming Team

This particular assembly finds its acme when confronted with facile endeavors, such as the bountiful harvests of Calyxes, which flourish beneath the presence of characters capable of unleashing radiant area-of-effect devastation while adroitly manipulating the tumultuous ebb and flow of battle's tempo.

  • Primary DPS: Himeko
  • Sub-DPS: Herta
  • Offensive Support 1: Asta
  • Offensive Support 2: Welt

Given that Herta can merely unleash a singular follow-up attack per enemy (unless said foe possesses the capacity to restore themselves to a state of robust health beyond the threshold of 50% HP), her arsenal assumes unparalleled value when confronted by adversaries who summon reinforcements ceaselessly or assail the heroes in waves. When coupled with characters renowned for their prowess in shattering the armor of tenacious adversaries, such as the venerable Asta, Himeko ascends to the zenith of her potential as the paragon of DPS.

Moreover, Asta, ensconced in the mantle of a supporting virtuoso, augments not only her own fire-infused potency but also amplifies the Fire Damage afflicting both herself and Himeko, an indomitable boon that reverberates through the entire team's fabric. To complement this synergy, Welt, the harbinger of Imaginary DMG, descends upon the battlefield, his presence heralding the inexorable decline of enemy velocity. Thus, this ensemble finds itself emboldened to assail adversaries with unyielding volleys before their ilk can so much as raise a finger. This achievement is all the more consequential, for the team relies not on defensive support characters but instead seeks to eradicate their adversaries with unwavering haste, lest the team become subject to the tempestuous maelstrom of their adversaries' wrath.

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