Making wrappers requires oil-free compressed air throughout the process. Here are some uses of compressed air in the papermaking process:

Pneumatic transport: Compressed air is used for pneumatic transport of pulp and waste paper.

Air bearings allow heavy products to be easily handled by floating the weight on a nearly frictionless film of air.

Paper pressing: Compressed air is also used to cool the paper after it has been pressed. If the air is polluted, it contaminates the product, so oil-free air is needed.

Printing: Compressed air is used to operate printing pumps and equipment to print beautiful festive designs on paper.

Roll adjustment: Compressed air is used to precisely control the thickness of the rolls which determine the thickness of the paper, which is essential for efficient processing.

Water Purification: Pulp and paper manufacturing processes require large amounts of water. That's why paper mills are built next to waterways. The extracted water requires an air compressor to remove minerals, bacteria, etc. from the water before it can be used in the manufacturing process.

Air Knife: Delivers a continuous stream of high-velocity air to remove moisture and debris. Reliable low-pressure air supply for successful work.

Wrapping paper made from compressed air is used in every part of our lives, from holidays, birthdays, showers, weddings, retirement parties and more. In addition, compressed air also helps in the manufacture of photographic paper. If you want to know more about how Atlas Copco oil-free air compressors serves the paper and pulp industry, please contact us.

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