Oil-free air compressors are mostly used for precision instrument air supply, which determines the particularity of the industry it is used in. In the field of machinery, with the improvement of the precision of pneumatic parts, the requirements for oil and water in compressed gas are getting higher and higher. In the past, new products of oil-free air compressors were widely used due to quality problems. With the improvement of the quality of oil-free air compressors, the quality has undergone fundamental progress, which can completely meet the needs of modern industrial production. The superiority of the oil-free air compressor in the use process is reflected.

1. Because the lubricating oil is very viscous, the current degreasing equipment cannot completely remove it, so the oil-free characteristic of the gas compressed by the oil-free air compressor is irreplaceable.

2. The current refrigerated dryers, heatless regenerative dryers, micro-heat regenerative dryers and other water removal equipment lose the function of water removal due to the oil in the compressed air; and the clean oil-free air compressed by the oil-free compressor , fully protects the water removal equipment, and reduces the additional capital occupation caused by the maintenance of the water removal equipment.

3. The use of oil-free air compressors to provide compressed gas to the outside world will not greatly reduce the load on the motor due to the pressure loss caused by the oil removal equipment, and achieve energy saving effects.

4. The oil-injected air compressor wastes a lot of lubricating oil. Taking a 7.5KW high-quality oil-injected air compressor as an example, the low consumption of 5 kg of lubricating oil per month will cost an extra 60 kg of lubricating oil in one year. In addition, in order to remove the oil in the compressed gas, a high-efficiency oil filter must be used, and the filter element needs to be replaced many times, which is also a large expense.

The above are the obvious characteristics of oil-free air compressors in the industry, but whether to choose oil-free air compressors or not, you still need to choose the model that suits you according to the needs of the industry.

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