Common evaporators for double-door direct-cooling refrigerators are: blown-type evaporators for freezer compartments, plate-tube evaporators, and serpentine-tube evaporators with tank slices for freezer compartments. Finned tube evaporators for intermittent refrigerators. Most of them are made of aluminum, so the leakage failure rate is very high. From the point of view of repair, it can be divided into hair reducers installed in the box (such as finned tube evaporators) and evaporators embedded in the foam insulation layer (such as blown evaporators). The former is easier to disassemble and replace, while the latter will damage the insulation and appearance, so the damaged evaporator can be discarded and replaced by another evaporator with a similar heat transfer area.


No matter how it is handled, the replacement parts all have the problem that the evaporation heat transfer area is too large or too small. If the evaporation area is too large, the frosting of the evaporator will be dissatisfied, and the suction pressure will be too low, which will lead to more refrigerant charging, and the cooling effect will be worse. If the evaporation area is too small, the heat exchange efficiency will be low. Although the suction pressure is basically normal, the temperature of the suction pipe of the refrigeration compressor is obviously lower than normal temperature, and sometimes condensation and frost will appear on the surface. Fully absorb heat and vaporize, the refrigerant inhaled by the refrigeration compressor even contains liquid refrigerant, and in severe cases, liquid shock will occur, which will endanger the refrigeration compressor.


The condenser used in the refrigerator belongs to the air natural convection heat exchanger, and the heat exchange efficiency is very low. The commonly used external condensers include the shutter type and the steel wire coil type. The heat transfer performance of the steel wire coil condenser is slightly better. For the louvered condenser, the replacement is relatively simple, just choose a condenser that is equal to or slightly larger than the prototype.


If the replacement condenser is too small, the heat transfer efficiency will decrease, the condensation pressure will increase, and the cooling effect will decrease. The sensory phenomenon of the condenser is similar to an overcharged refrigerant, but reducing the refrigerant will prevent the evaporator from frosting.


The built-in condenser is installed on the left and right side panels of the box or inside the back panel, and is integrated with the foam insulation layer of the box. When leakage occurs, it is not ideal to open the back and weld it. It is more appropriate to modify it to an external condenser. The experience is based on the premise that it does not exceed the size of the back of the refrigerator. It is better to choose a larger steel wire coil condenser.

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