Tapered Roller Bearings Basic introduction of double row tapered roller bearings 97510(back to back arrangement) Bearing structure=tapered roller bearing d=50mm D=90mm T=55mm C=45mm Replaced bearing code number:352210 Mass=1.34kgs Explanation of TDO design Bearing in TDO design have the two rows of tapered rollers and raceways arranged face to face. They have one double row outer ring. Features of 97510 bearings Bearing 97510 can carry radial and axial load in both directions and have a high degree of stiffness. Applications of bearings 97510 97510 can be applied into gearboxes, hoisting equipment, rolling mills,roll shaft assemblies and machines in the mining industry, such as,tunnelling machines. Extended tapered roller bearings available in Sun Rises Group Limited New Bearing CodeReplacement Bearing Coded(mm)D(mm)T(mm)Weight(kgs) 352210975105095551.34 3522129751260110662.165 3522139751365120703.36 3522149751470125753.51 3522159751575130753.64 3622169751680140804.97 3522179751775150855.67 3522189751890160957.46 35221997519951701009.02 3522209752010018011210.7 3522229752211020012516.4 3522249752412021113219.1 3522269752613023015026.5 3522289752814025015830.6 3522309753015027017040.4 3522329753216029018046.2 3522369753618032019062.7 3522409754020036021893.3 For more tapered roller bearings demands, freely check with Mr Gavin Chu.(gavinchu@sunrises-group.com)Tapered Roller Bearings website:http://www.frdbearing.com/roller-bearings/tapered-roller-bearings/