When there are a lot of items in the bedroom, you will need enough storage space. It is not always you will have the luxury of space, especially in apartments. It can be a challenge keeping the bedroom organized, whether it is for adults or kids. With a full platform bed frame that features storage space, it will not be much of a challenge to keep the space neat.

The Advantage of a Platform Bed Frame with Storage

In all aspects, there are many advantages to having these beds. Imagine having to spend extra money to purchase bedroom storage furniture, and you had to look for a cheap bed to save money!


Besides these full size platform bed with storage being comfortable, they are a storage solution. There will be no need to buy extra cabinets or storage furniture. The storage will not need an extra floor or wall space. They are hidden within the bed, and they are easy to operate.

How Much Will a Full Platform Bed with Storage Cost

There is no standard price for these beds. The reason is it is dependent on several factors. The price ranges from one store to the other and from one material to the other. It is also dependent on construction and design.

Do Full Platform Beds Offer a Lot of Storage?

This depends on your requirements and the bed that you purchase. Some will come with supplementary storage space while others incorporate large areas.

Apart from drawers, some beds come with cabinets, cubicles, and shelves. The bottom line is that they can offer as much storage space as possible.

A Beautiful Wooden Finish Platform Bed

A platform bed is comfortable with the right mattress. It suits you well when you are staying in a small apartment. This kind of apartment requires you to be creative about the limited space. To avoid having issues with the landlord on expanding the area or having in-built cabinets, consider the best full size platform bed.

The best solution is to get a beautifully finished wooden platform full bed with drawers below. Whether you prefer large or small drawers, you will get such a bed from the local stores.


Oakwood Full Platform Bed

full size platform bed can have plenty of space, depending on its construction. Oakwood is an excellent material for a bed, as it is also versatile when it comes to incorporating features.

Some could include up to 2 tiers of sufficient storage space in the form of drawers. They are designed in a way they are easy to pull open and shut. Besides this, they will include either open or hidden shelves on the headboard. For those that have footboards, they could include cabinets.

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Fibreboard Platform Full Beds

If you prefer a bed made of other materials besides metal and wood, you can opt for this one. It is one of the engineered materials that are affordable but not as durable as wood or metal. They may have as many drawers as possible or as little as required. With bottom finger pulls and gliding storage space, it will be easy to pull open and close.

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