It is one of the frequent faults of refrigerators that the compressor does not stop, does not cool or has poor cooling effect due to refrigeration system leakage or blockage of the refrigeration system. Moreover, the two kinds of failure phenomena are roughly the same, which are easy to confuse. In the maintenance process, if the judgment cannot be made accurately, it will not only delay the maintenance time, but also cause unnecessary economic losses to the user.

1. The refrigeration system is blocked

There are generally two types of blockage in the refrigeration system: dirty blockage and ice blockage, and oil blockage is relatively rare. Dirty blockage is due to impurities (scale, copper filings, welding slag) in the refrigeration system, when it circulates with the refrigerant, blockage occurs at the capillary or filter. Ice blockage is caused by moisture entering the refrigeration system. Because F-12 itself contains a certain amount of water, and the evacuation process is not strict during maintenance or fluoridation, water and air enter the system. Under the high temperature and high pressure of the compressor, the refrigerant changes from a liquid state to a gas state, so that the moisture enters the narrow and long capillary tube with the refrigerant circulation.

When the water content per kilogram of refrigerant exceeds 20 mg, the filter is saturated with water and cannot filter out the water. When the temperature at the outlet of the capillary reaches 0°C, the water decomposes from the refrigerant and freezes to form ice blockage. Dirty blockage and ice blockage are divided into full blockage and half blockage. The fault phenomenon is that the evaporator does not frost or the frost is not full, and the temperature at the rear of the condenser is high. Touch the dry filter or the entrance of the capillary tube with your hand, and feel the temperature and The room temperature is almost equal, sometimes even lower than room temperature, and a large amount of gas is ejected when the process tube is cut. After the ice block is formed, the exhaust resistance of the compressor increases, causing the compressor to overheat, the thermal protector works, and the compressor stops. After about 25 minutes, the ice block partially melts, and the temperature of the compressor drops. The contacts are closed and the compressor starts cooling. Therefore, ice blockage is periodic, and periodic frosting and defrosting can be seen in the evaporator.

2. Leakage of refrigeration system

Refrigeration system leakage mostly occurs at the welded joints of compressors, condensers, capillary tubes, filters, etc.; the evaporators of most refrigerators are made of aluminum materials. Causes such as vibration or collision in the middle, causing leakage. The leakage of the refrigeration system is manifested in the condensation on the half of the evaporator, the sound of air flow in the system is weak, and a small amount of refrigerant is released when the process tube is cut.

Because the leakage point is small and very hidden, especially the internal leakage cannot be found at all. After a long time of slow leakage, until all the refrigerant in the system is leaked, the refrigerator will gradually change from poor cooling effect to no cooling. Therefore, when checking such faults, it is not enough to judge whether the refrigeration system is blocked or leaked only by the compressor not stopping, no cooling and poor cooling effect. It should be carefully analyzed and identified according to specific phenomena.

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