The core component of the refrigerator is the evaporator, which is an important component of the alternation of cold and heat. Of course, the failure of the refrigerator evaporator is also a relatively common thing. When the evaporator fails, we need to eliminate it in time. Today, the editor will introduce to you the common faults of refrigerator evaporators, mainly including improper injection of refrigerant, too small cross-sectional area of copper tubes, etc. Let’s find out!

1. Reasons for refrigerator evaporator failure

The internal leakage of the evaporator of the freezer and refrigerator is a common fault, and the method of replacing the evaporator is generally adopted during maintenance. Since there are no ready-made evaporators for sale on the market, most of them use handmade evaporators for maintenance. However, after the handmade evaporator is replaced, it is easy to have a decline in refrigeration capacity. Originally, the empty (loaded) refrigeration can reach -18°C for half an hour, but after maintenance, it can only reach -10°C, and the cooling capacity is greatly reduced.

2. Common faults of refrigerator evaporator

1. Improper amount of injected refrigerant

After replacing the evaporator, the amount of refrigerant used may be different from the original. The judging method at this time is that the return pipe outside the box is not condensed.

2. The diameter of the copper tube for making the evaporator is improper

  If the diameter and length of the copper tube used to make the evaporator are improper. The diameter of the copper tube of the original evaporator is generally φ6mm or φ8mm (it is better to use φ8mm for maintenance). The length of the copper tube of the evaporator should be coiled seven times for a freezer, and two coils for a refrigerator.

3. The cross-sectional area of the copper tube is too small

If the copper tube is deformed when making the evaporator, the cross-sectional area of the copper tube somewhere is too small (flattened at the turn), and the pipeline is not smooth. It should be made of copper pipe with better quality and thicker wall. Moreover, the coil should be flat so that it is in good contact with the plane of the evaporator.

  4. Improper capillary configuration

Capillary plays a role in restricting flow and building pressure in the refrigerator refrigeration system. Improper configuration of its thickness and length will lead to a decrease in refrigeration capacity. The configuration of the capillary should be such that the pressure at the outlet of the condenser is 1.1MPa. For common refrigerators (compressor power 105W ~ 160W), a capillary tube with a diameter of 1mm and a length of 1.5m ~ 2.0m is suitable.

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