As we all know, Dungeons will always be one of the best sources of Gold, XP, and Diablo 4 Items in Diablo 4. If you are looking for some very short dungeons, the Blind Burrows is one can not miss.

The Blind Burrows is located in the region of Hawezar which is filled with spiders and maggots. However, it's mostly a spider-infested dungeon.

The Blind Burrows dungeon can be said to be a relatively quick one in Diablo 4. As long as taking the right path, you can complete it very quickly. However, Those who have reached World Tier 3 and World Tier 4 recently are a little confused about how to find the Blind Burrows. To avoid wasting your time, here is everything about how you can find and clear the Blind Burrows.

How to Find the Blind Burrows

To find the Blind Burrows, the players need to go to the Havizar adjacent to Zalbinzet. Once the map fog clears, the Blind Burrows Dungeon will show up.

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How to Complete the Blind Burrows

First, you need to slay three Infested Villagers. These Infested Villagers are elite monsters, usually spread out across the map. That means it may take some time to find them. Fortunately, you can identify them with the skull icon on your mini-map.

Next, you can go to find the only boss in the Blind Burrows - the Broodguard. The Boss will summon a large number of spiders, to avoid being surrounded and easily killed, we suggest that you'd better keep moving around. In addition, take care of the poison blobs that the Broodguard shoots on the ground, it can poison anyone who stands on it. It is the best time to defeat it when the Broodguard sprays the web continuously as it will stay immobile during this attack. Once you have defeated the Broodguard, the dungeon is completed. You will be awarded Renown points and D4 Gold.

If farming XP and gold are your primary goals, we recommend you head to the Blind Burrows in Diablo 4 without hesitation.