Escape from Tarkov’s zero.12.7 patch made a number of updates to the conduct of AI NPCs in the game, and the results are EFT Roublesapparently running out quite nicely for a few players.

There become plenty more covered in the modern day Tarkov patch than simply “Improved AI Behaviour” changes, however similarly to the Customs expansion, they’ve without a doubt been some of the most substantive.

In particular, they’ve made the AI Scavs roaming around the diverse areas of Tarkov act hugely different than players had been formerly used to. The scavengers at the moment are more vulnerable to transferring fast, and they could rush players as a collection. This new tactic has virtually overwhelmed some of us already, however it’s paying big dividends for a few.

Like a lot of factors in Tarkov, it all depends on where you're. If you’re stuck out inside the open through a adverse organization of AI, you’re going to have a terrible time. But, as you can see in the clip under, some players had been able to corral the Scavs rather and take gain of the group rush tactic.